Created by a joint collaboration of Wayne Enterprises, Queen Consolidated, and STAR Labs (based on a concept model built by Ted Kord) and featuring state of the art materials and cutting-edge software, the Javelin is the standard rapid response vehicle used by the Justice League to embark to and from the Watchtower in response to a variety of crisis. Due to space considerations aboard the Watchtower, no more than four Javelin are usually stored aboard the spacecraft. Those not found aboard the Watchtower are often stored at the Hall of Justice or various other Justice League embassies' hangars around the world.

There are a total of 9 Javelins, 6 of which share identical layout and specifications (Unity-1, Liberty-2, Freedom-3, Honor-4, Integrity-5, Grace-6), but all Javelin designs incorporate deep space, atmospheric, and underwater operational capabilities. All nine Javelins are capable of vertical takeoff and landing. Notable features exclusive to other designs include the optical camouflage and upgraded sensor capabilities of Wonder Woman's covert Javelin "Arete", the luxury decor of the Aerie-One (and its rebuilt replacement), and the interstellar wormhole generator and extended cabin of the Javelin-7, also known as the "Founders' Javelin" or Justice-7.[1]

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