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Medical Profile

  • Patient lacks an outer layer of epidermis, but is otherwise in good health (it is unclear if this is a birth defect or caused by other means).

Psychological Profile

  • Patient has an unusual depressive disorder in which she is compelled to become someone else in an attempt to find a life in which she can truly be happy.
  • Patient will only discuss herself in third-person and will only identify in first person as the identity she has assumed (or practicing to become).
  • Patient said it best in describing her behavior: "Jane is a cipher. She is... incomplete. Her life is empty, so she covets the lives of others. She takes their lives so she can have their lives."

Behavior Profile

  • Patient has in-depth knowledge of Arkham's policies and procedures as she has assumed the identities of several Arkham staff, including performing their job assignments convincingly.
  • Patient is a master of disguise, most effectively through the methodical flaying of her victims and wearing of their skin, but is convincing through use of more mundane disguises using make-up and costume prosthetics as well.
  • Patient has previously assaulted patients Thomas Elliot (#60903) and Warren White (#72004); and to avoid retaliation needs to be isolated in solitary.
  • Threat Assignment: High
  • Treatment Ranking: 4-Resistant
  • Intake Interviewer: Dr. Roy Westerman
  • Assigned Patient Coordinator: Dr. Roy Westerman[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • She has impersonated Anne Carver (a security guard at Arkham) and Bruce Wayne (replacing Thomas Elliot while he was impersonating him).
  • When she's in Arkham she's housed in Solitary Confinement.


  • Jane Doe's Arkham number is a nod to her first comic book appearance: Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1, July, 2003.

Links and References

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