History (Submitted by Oracle)

Background: "John Doe" 2012 - 2014

A young man was found floating in the Sprang River. He was believed to be dead when he was pulled from the waters, only to actually be found to still be alive... barely. The man was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for multiple injuries, including four broken ribs, and six gunshot wounds. He was not expected to last the night.

Somehow, the man survived but remained in a coma for months. Even as his injuries healed, the police and hospital staff remained in the dark about this man's true identity. His fingerprints returned with no results, his DNA was not in the system, and no one came forward to identify the mysterious man from the river. Among the questions being asked about the patient was "How did he get those scars?" as he had a "Glaswegian smile" cut across the corners of his lips.

Naturally, the Joker became a primary suspect in the investigation. The Batman wrangled the clown and assisted the GCPD in questioning him for information concerning "John Doe" but the Joker gave up no information on the comatose man.

Shortly after Joker's return to Arkham, John Doe woke up with claims of amnesia. When the police or hospital staff pressed him for questions, he slipped into panic attacks and became destructive and would attempt to flee. When he did flee, he would usually be found a short distance away curled up in a corner, cradling his head between his knees and chanting an endless stream of knock-knock jokes. Due to the patient's apparent mental illness, he was soon committed to a state care facility upstate.

It was here that John Doe met Dorothy Tan. Doe's patient files point out that he was most productive and social in any group activity which he shared with Dorothy Tan, but the two were never recorded having any one-on-one interactions until one night when John Doe walked up to Tan at dinner, whispered in her ear for a few seconds, and strolled away. The interaction went unnoticed at the time, but was caught on camera and discovered shortly afterward when both Doe and Tan went missing the following morning.

J-Man: 2014 - Present

Shortly after the debut of Dorothy Tan as "Dottie" - a new member of Joker's Laugh Pack, another criminal sporting clown makeup began stirring things up in Park Row. This guy called himself "J-Man" and matched John Doe's basic description.

J-Man appears to have risen through the ranks of the Laugh Pack fairly quickly, becoming a street-level crew boss in almost no time at all. J-Man set himself apart from other members of the Laugh Pack by not engaging in the use of gags or gimmick weaponry, preferring to use straightforward guns, explosives, and switchblades.

Though that is not to say J-Man is not without his tricks. He enjoys mind games, performing for a crowd (often entertaining hostages with a story of how he got his scars that often contradicts the last telling of the story), and taunting crimefighters.

J-Man might seem like a Joker fanboy taken to the extreme, but his actual level of devotion to the Joker remains to be seen.

Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Oracle) In a recent confrontation with the Outsiders, J-Man seemed to single out Red Hood. After tackling him through a window, the two fought on scaffolding with J-Man disarming Red Hood before trying to remove his helmet with a crowbar, all the while shouting "You're not who you say you are! Liar!"
  • (Submitted by Intrepid) I've found J-Man in my apartment twice, both times on Halloween. A third time, he grabbed me in the subway. These encounters definitely leave me frightened, but he has never hurt me (though he did put a switchblade to my throat once). Each time, he is quite demanding of me to explain why the Joker is obsessed with me. If I knew, I'd tell him.
  • (Submitted by Jester) Like most members of the Laugh Pack, J-Man is insane. However, despite his insanity, he often displays a calm persona. He rarely displays any true signs of anger. He is very intelligent and a masterful planner, being able to outsmart the police almost every time they try to stop him, often by using layered backup plans. J-Man also has shown he can figure out how people think, as well as how to best manipulate them. Many of his "games" often compel people to make extreme choices and force them to choose between themselves and others. Whether these are for his own sadistic amusement, to spread his apparent love of anarchy, or as some part of larger agenda remains to be seen. On the matter of his anarchistic intents, J-Man has claimed that anarchy is the only sensible way to live. He considers his sadistic nature is proof that he is "ahead of the curve" and everyone is an anarchist at heart - and just in need of a little push to bring about the realization. I highly doubt J-Man cares about anyone or anything, even Dottie or himself. He is a very dangerous criminal who I fear aims to become Gotham's next Joker.

Threat Assessment


  • Master Criminal
  • Master of Intimidation & Interrogation
  • Master of Firearms
  • Master Knife-Fighter
  • Expert Brawler
  • Expert on Demolitions
  • Expert on Human Physiology
    • Leadership


  • Mentally ill


  • Physicality: 3 Trained / Exceptional
  • Occult: 0 - Abysmal / Nonexistent
  • Weaponry: 5 - Master / Remarkable
  • Expertise: 5 - Master / Remarkable
  • Range: 5 - Master / Remarkable
  • Strategy: 5 - Master / Remarkable[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • J-Man has a Threat Assessment ranking of 65, marking him as a High Threat.
  • He probably came up with Dorothy Tan's moniker "Dottie".[2]


  • This is a composite character of three different alternate interpretations of the "Joker" (or Joker-adjacent characters).
    • The name J-Man comes from Batman Beyond and is a member of the Jokerz.
    • The design and elements of the character's personality comes from Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.
    • Elements of the back story, the name 'John Doe', and others parts of the character comes from the Batman: The Telltale Game interpretation of the Joker.
  • His height and weight are based on Heath Ledger's.

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