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Izzy Bowin: 1991 - 2008

Izzy was the second child of her mother, passing away during the delivery after being involved in a car accident. Izzy's older brother Hartley blamed Izzy's father for the death of his mother and tensions were always high between the two, teaching Izzy to be a peacemaker.

Another source for contention was Izzy's father was a reformed criminal who had discovered music in prison and wanted Izzy to study his craft. Hartley was deaf however and showed no interest in music, trying to urge Izzy toward more "concrete disciplines" such as science and mathematics. In the end, Izzy was a bright girl with a good ear and could have pursued either, but she chose music. That seemed to be the final straw with her brother and he moved out once he was old enough.

Izzy remained with her father, but she continually texted her brother. When she learned he had been working at the Particle Accelerator in Central City when it had its event and he was missing, Izzy channeled her anguish into her music and became an incredible artist, particularly with her favorite instrument, the violin (or "fiddle" if you're folksy like her).

Izzy Bowin: 2008

When Izzy was sixteen, her father passed away. A friend of her father's came to the funeral and introduced himself to Izzy as Jay Garrick. The man told her he was so touched by her musical eulogy to her father. He told her she should enhance her talent through Central City's Academy of Arts and offered to do what he could to get her a scholarship. She politely declined and said her place was in Crucible.

After the funeral, while going through her father's things, she found an old piece of parchment with musical notation. Assuming it was a melody her father had penned, she grabbed her fiddle and played the notes. And then suddenly, Izzy was not alone. A voice began to speak behind her.

"How delightful. The Devil went down to Georgia. Sadly, not looking for a soul to steal. But you do have me in a bind - quite literally, and I am way behind, so let's get this over with and make a deal."

The tall blonde man was devilishly handsome, except for an ominous scar across his face. Izzy did not know what to make of him. She stood there, staring in silence and rarely blinking, with fiddle and bow in hand.

With a devilish grin, the man said "I see I've come upon a young lass with a violin this time around. So the usual deal then? Release me from this blasted spell and you can have my violin. Made of souls and hellfire. How about that, darling? What say you? Please be quick about it now..."

Izzy took the deal, released the devil from the spell she had accidentally cast, and tried to return the instrument. But to that, the devil declined, insisting that a deal is a deal. Izzy inquired as to where that spell came from. The devil did another deal, telling her its origin if she burned the incantation. Izzy did as she was asked and the devil told her a secret.

As the Devil was set to leave, bold Izzy pushed her luck and asked for one more deal. The Devil said she had nothing else to offer him, but when she began to cry, he settled for a favor he could ask of her later which she quickly agreed to in exchange for her brother's location. Smiling, the Devil left and Izzy got a text from the number '666' which gave her a Central City address. Izzy then set out on a hell of a road trip.[1]

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The Fiddler: 2008 - 2010

This young girl rolled into Central City with only a violin (or "fiddle," as they say) strapped to her back and a few dollars in her pocket. She came to the address the Devil had given her and found her brother Hartley holed up with some criminal crew, laying low between heists. Izzy was shocked by what she had found, but her love for Hartley overwhelmed her urge to turn him in. In fact, once Hartley convinced his crew that she could be trusted, Izzy became fond of many of Hartley's criminal friends.

While she did not turn them in, Izzy eventually decided she did not want to join them. She contacted Jay Garrick and enlisted his help in enrolling her in the Central City Academy of the Arts on a musical scholarship. To say Izzy was something of a darling would be an understatement, within a year, she already had a record deal and was performing every weekend to sold-out venues or high-priced private concerts for the Central City elite.

The Fiddler: 2010 - 2012

When Izzy began a national tour on a summer break, Hartley and the Rogues used her place to crash. But their hideout was not as safe as they had hoped and when Flash and the others tracked them down, Izzy's house was destroyed in the resulting melee. When Izzy came home to discover this, she visited Hartley in prison and told him to forget she existed.

Following this, Izzy threw herself into her work. She became a huge hit. She won awards, she made music videos, she went on world tours. She almost became a household name... then it all turned to dust. Jack Ryder had heard of Izzy's connection to Hartley Rathaway and wrote an article on it. The article itself did nothing until it was picked up by G. Gordon Godfrey and blasted across the airwaves. Still, it did little to hurt her, until she made an appearance on "The Scene" and was ambushed by Godfrey on live television. Izzy chose her words poorly, trying to defend her love for her brother while also distancing herself from his actions. When Godfrey sensed weakness, he pushed a little more... and more. Izzy's anger got the better of her. She stood up from her chair and called Godfrey a "no-good rat" and just like that, Godfrey transformed into a rat on live television. Izzy herself was stunned and she ran off-stage. When security tried to stop her, she told them to "unhand" her and their hands became stricken with paralysis.

Izzy got away but was eventually captured by the DEO and confined for analysis by their CBI division. Izzy was cooperative, even after the Devil showed up in her cell to explain what happened. The Devil offered her an escape, but she turned him down. But she had a change of heart when Hartley and the Rogues showed up and performed a good old-fashioned jailbreak. Izzy decided to embrace the life of a Rogue.

The Fiddler: 2012 - Present

For three years, Izzy operated as a criminal known as the Fiddler. She learned to use her witchcraft to aid the Rogues and combat do-gooders that tried to stop them. And then she got caught... but not by the police. Jay Garrick happened to be at a bank she was robbing and he convinced her to walk away. After a moment of reflection, Izzy did just that.

After a year adrift, living under an assumed name, the Six found Izzy.[2]

Supplemental Reports

  • (Submitted by Four-Eyes) Since her deal with the Devil, Izzy can use her violin (or any other musical instrument) to cast sorcerous spells thereby manipulating reality around her. Izzy might use this to summon objects and rain destruction from the sky, support allies and hinder enemies in battle, or open rifts to strange worlds. If nothing else, her violin's indestructible nature works as a club.
  • (Submitted by Vibe) Okay guys! I did some exhaustive research, but I think I've found some crucial lore here that will help us with future encounters with this girl: "Speech and song are not mere breaths on the wind, but have power all their own. The bard is a mage of song, and so harnesses the magic contained in music. Bards claim that creation was sung into being by a choir of the divine, instruments of the gods gave it shape, and that the eldritch echoes still resound throughout the cosmos. Bards use their songs to control these echoes, bending them to their will" Pretty awesome stuff, huh? Really insightful.
    • (Reply Submitted by Operator) This is "Crypt & Chimeras" sourcebook, Cisco! You think the Secret Six are an RPG party? Wait... Rogue, Barbarian, Ranger, Noble, & Wizard?!
  • (Submitted by Four-Eyes) Some of Izzy's "greatest hits" are a hypnotic melody, a lullaby infused with a sleeping spell, a hard-hitting sonic blast, and a jig that causes people to temporarily transform into animals. There are actually not many things she can't do and Izzy often experiments, but in the chaos of combat, Izzy likes to rely on the things that she is most comfortable with.

Key Affiliations

  • Secret Six: Izzy is a new recruit to the Secret Six. She has not yet bonded with any of its members and seems uncertain of her future with the mercenary team.
  • Rogues: Izzy worked briefly with the Rogues of Central City. She broke ties with them, but seems to still maintain the respect of the group, particularly its leader, Leonard Snart, and of course, the Pied Piper.
  • Pied Piper: Izzy is the half-sister of Hartley Rathaway. The two have a complicated relationship, and are often at odds with one another, but always come through for each other when they have no one else to turn to.
  • Lucifer Morningstar: Izzy's deal with the Devil haunts her still. Even though she still owes him a favor, he will show up to check on her and even help her at times.

Threat Assessment


  • Witch Physiology: Izzy is an infernal witch, having made a pact with the fallen archangel Lucifer using his infernal sorcery to give her gifts and bestow her with power. Izzy did not understand the deal she was making would come with magical powers over time, but she did not seem to mind them at first.
    • Enhanced Resilience: Due to their infernal magic, witches are hardier than other folk. Though they still feel pain the same as other humans, they are better able to deal with casually slicing their palm to produce blood for a ritual or can walk away from injuries that would surely kill a normal human. This is why the tradition of burning witches came to be.
    • Gradual Alveromantic Intuition: Izzy does not need to study magic to use it. She receives her magical ability from her connection to her infernal benefactor. Lucifer Morningstar is perhaps the most powerful infernal sorcerer there is and as a result, Izzy has become a truly powerful witch in a short period of time. Her connection to Lucifer seems to be built upon their shared love of music and through Alveromancy. This Sound Music is the foci of Izzy's particular brand of infernal sorcery. Izzy is also exceptional in that she does not engage in witchcraft ritual meant to accelerate her mastery, instead she focuses on improving her musical skills to strengthen her bond to the Devil.
    • Supernatural Senses: As a supernatural being, Izzy is able to see ghosts and interact with the esoteric world in a manner normal people cannot.
  • Master Violinist: Izzy is a truly world-class violinist. She has recorded a number of albums (three folk albums, a country-pop album, a classical album, and a techno-experimental album) and has sold millions of records. All of that without her magic (to our best knowledge, anyway).
  • Master Vocalist: Izzy is not a one-trick pony musically. She is also known for being a skilled singer, despite being best known for her favorite stringed instrument.
  • Expert Dancer: Izzy is also a skilled dancer, making her light on her feet. Her practice of dancing while playing her fiddle, allows her to maneuver a battlefield while continuously playing her instrument with relative ease.
  • Expert Musician: Izzy is also talented in the use of piano, guitar (acoustic and bass), the flute, and drums. She usually doesn't showcase this talent outside of the studio or in the rare private session.
  • Expert Songwriter: She is also a talented song writer, having written almost all of her greatest hits.
  • The Devil's Violin: The red and white violin (or "fiddle"), Izzy is most known for playing is 'Desdemona'.
    • Alveromantic Conduit: It is more than a mere instrument, it is also an alveromantic conduit, meaning it enhances the power of Alveromantic spell cast with its music.
    • Indestructible: It is also indestructible. In a pinch, Izzy has been known to use it as a brutal clubbing weapon.
    • Warded Against Touch: It cannot be touched by anyone other than Izzy without searing their flesh with the heat of hellfire.


  • Distraction: Izzy's biggest weakness is being distracted.
  • Overexertion: Izzy's other weakness is not properly pacing herself.
  • Owes the Devil a "Hell of a Favor": She's also troubled that Lucifer still hasn't called in that favor.


  • Physicality: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Occult: 5 — Master / Remarkable
  • Weaponry: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Expertise: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Range: 5 — Master / Remarkable
  • Strategy: 2 — Basic / Typical
    • TOTAL: 47
    • RANKING: Low Threat

Trivia and Notes


Missing Data


  • Izzy Bowin is both a genderbent version of the classic DC Comics Fiddler, as well as a legacy of Isaac Bowin, him being made her father.
  • This Fiddler was inspired by the version of the character featured in The Flash TV Series.
  • It is also possible she is a composite character with Jerrie Rathaway, Pied Piper's younger sister in the comics.
  • Crypt & Chimera is a pastiche of the popular Role Playing Game Dungeons & Dragons. The six classes listed are among those available for players to choose from. And they do match up surprisingly well with the members of the Secret Six:
    • Rogue = Scandal Savage
    • Barbarian = Knockout
    • Ranger = Catman
    • Noble = Madame Banshee
    • Wizard = Black Alice
    • Bard = The Fiddler
    • Dungeon Master = Mockingbird
  • Her birth date is a nod to Fiddler's first appearance in the comics: All-Flash #32 in January, 1948.
  • Issac Bowin being Jay Garrick's friend might be a nod to Fiddler being his enemy in the comics.


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