ICalculator File 1

iCalculator File 1



  • FILE: client_convos/joker
  • ENCRYPTION: >> 64%

VOX Archive

  • Calculator: Alright, Joker... You have my attention, but make it quick. I have several other important clients on hold.
  • Joker: Tell me what you know about whoever is selling this Red-K garbage in in my town.
  • Calculator: You thinking of getting into the drug trade, Joker? Bold, I got to say. You should probably check with Crane, White, and Sionis though... or you'll start a street war.
  • Joker: I don't want to sell this, Calculator! I want to skin them alive!
  • Calculator: Ah, I think I see now. This is somehow connected to your warehouse theft a while back, isn't it? But how, I wonder...
  • Joker: They're treating this red powder-
  • Calculator: Kryptonite.
  • Joker: Whatever! They're treating it with my Joker Venom! That stuff belongs to me! Me, I say! The won't get away with this!
  • Calculator: Oh? Interesting. Well, I can look into it... for the standard fee.
  • Joker: Fine! I'll have Harley wire the money... Harley? HARLEY? HAAAARLEY! Oh, good... She's already doing it. >>laughter<<
  • Calculator: Great! I'll send you the confirmation when the transfer is complete.
  • [TRANSFER COMPLETE: Funds received: $50,000 // New Balance: $41,329,561.27]
  • Calculator: Very well. I'll give you my report in twenty-four. Goodbye.

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