Hugo Strange

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Arkham Employee File

Employment History


  • Medical Doctorate Degree in Psychiatry.
  • Lesser degrees in Biology, Chemistry and Genetics.


  • Recently, several Metahuman Patients have filed severe grievances against this employee, citing he has taken unauthorized blood samples and biopsies from them against their will.
  • UPDATE: An internal investigation determined all the claims were false as the procedures had been authorized by Director Jeremiah Arkham.
  • In addition to his research, employee oversees the treatment of several high-profile patients, including Cyrus Gold (#44), Kevin Hester (#61274), Ra's al Ghul (#71232), and Victor Fries (#68373).[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • His employee number is 36-240.
  • He's been receiving secret payments from Dabney Donovan.


  • His employee number is a nod to his first comic book appearance: Detective Comics, Vol 1. #36, February, 1940.

Links and References

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