The House of Secrets is an old dilapidated mansion located on the site of a cemetery. Its weather remains consistent with an area of rural Vermont leading many to believe that is where it was originally constructed. It always appears across the road from a similar edifice commonly referred to as the House of Mystery or the House of Murderers. The House of Secrets is the home of Abel, the Biblical "First Victim" and a master storyteller. It is not known how long Abel has occupied the building, but considering that he is immortal, it is fair to assume that Abel has resided in the house for many years.

The architecture is indeterminate and actually changes periodically. The same holds true for the inside of the house: the rooms constantly shift about. The House of Secrets is a focal location at the crossroads into the Dreaming. Recently, Abel has leased much of the residence to the Secret Six in exchange for "tales of their adventures."[1]

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