Heaven is a dimension ruled by the Presence. Its capital is called Silver City. The city is divided into Denominations overseen by Principalities. The dimension resides in a vast expanse of supernally charged essence clouds.[1]

The First Principality, Amenadiel, was told to create a home for his family. What started as a modest camp on floating piece of silver in the Void grew into a large city with spires and bridges that connected the various sections of the city together as the city floated through the supernal clouds of the Void.

When Amenadiel's project grew too large for him to handle alone and the Silver City became a staging point for the Heavenly Host to carve out a larger swath for their kingdom, Amenadiel was asked to take on a leadership role, serving as the First Prince of Heaven and overseeing the Core District of the Silver City.

At some point the eldest of them, Samael, rebelled against the Presence and the angels and tried to take it over. Samael's rebellion failed and he and his allies were cast out of Heaven. They established their own realm - Hell.[2] Amenadiel became the Warden of Hell in the aftermath.[3]

The throne of Heaven is currently taken by Raphael Demiurgos, who called himself the Stewart of Heaven after the disappearance of the Presence.[4]

Trivia and Notes


  • The kingdom of Heaven is divided into seven castes.[5]
  • While his origins are unknown, many theories connect Phantom Stranger to Heaven and the Presence.[6]
  • Chuck Shurley's "Supernatural" novels are known as the "Winchester Gospel" in the Silver City.[7]
  • At one point Heaven was under siege by Gozer the Gozerian, but they were defeated by archangels Raphael and Saraquael.[8]

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