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  • He is deaf.
  • He blamed Isaac Bowin for the death of his mother after she, Isaac and Rachel were in a car accident and Rachel gave birth. Another source for contention was Isaac was a reformed criminal who had discovered music in prison and wanted his daugher Izzy to study his craft. Hartley showed no interest in music, trying to urge Izzy toward more "concrete disciplines" such as science and mathematics. In the end Izzy chose music. That seemed to be the final straw for him and Harley moved out once he was old enough.
  • He disappeared after the activation of the Particle Accelerator.[1]
  • He broke his sister out after she was arrested by the DEO after transforming G. Gordon Godfrey into a rat on live television.
  • Hartley and Izzy have a complicated relationship, and are often at odds with one another, but always come through for each other when they have no one else to turn to.[2]


  • Hartley working in STAR Labs is a nod to The Flash TV series.
  • In the comics he had a younger sister named Jerrie Rathaway.

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