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Gozer: In The Beginning...

No one knows when Gozer came to be. Some claim they are the child of an ancient being called Koza'Rai, but most occult scholars believe that to be an ancient title and not a name (this is supported by the fact that the Lord of Limbo, Trigon, lists 'Koza'Rai' as one of his many titles). So it is quite possible that Gozer having sworn fealty to a previous Koza'Rai was misinterpreted to them being the 'Child of Koza'Rai'. Further evidence to this theory is an ancient Sumerian text which tells the story of a trickster who defeated two 'false prophets', citing they were minions of Gozer. When another god asked the trickster who is Gozer, the trickster recites that "Gozer is destruction. Always has been so and always will be this."

At some point, it seems that Gozer tried to conquer Heaven while it was still recovering from the Morningstar Rebellion. Gozer was only narrowly defeated. Two archangels escorted Gozer to the Foundation where Gozer holds their court. Gozer's manse was transformed into their prison and a large host of seraphim were stationed there to keep watch.

Gozer: ~6000 BCE - ~1200 BCE

Gozer was imprisoned for an incredible length of time until freed by the fallen demons Zuul and Vinz Clortho. Gozer rewarded these demons with the power to become gods on Earth in exchange for sending much of the worship back to Gozer to aid them in their recovery, having become weak while imprisoned for so long.

It is said to have taken five thousand years for Gozer to fully recover at which point they left Earth and, with the help of Zuul and Vinz Clortho, began a rapid domination of other worlds.

Gozer: ~1200 BCE - Present

The cycle of conquest mostly remained the same. Zuul and Vinz Clortho would scout a potential target. They would gather worshipers, form a cult, and prepare for Gozer's arrival. When they had all that was required, Zuul and Vinz Clortho would open the gate - bridging that world with the Sebouillia and allowing Gozer to cross over to that realm.

Gozer would then wait for the realm to send their champions. To humor Gozer, they would allow the champions to choose that which would destroy them. But Gozer would always find ways to warp whatever choices the champions made when they summoned forth their own champion which would be imbued with Gozer's own foul power.

To prepare for the invasion of Earth, also identified as the 'Keystone of Heaven', Gozer found followers among the Order of Ancient Mysteries, particularly its sect in Star City headed by Ivo Shandor. Through meetings in the Dreaming, Gozer shared with Ivo corrupted insight into what was needed to prepare for Gozer's arrival. Shandor failed to see the fruits of his efforts, thwarted by another secret society, but his work would later be resurrected by Albert Davis, in cooperation with the demon Azazel.

Gozer's invasion of 2013 was successful, but short-lived. This time around, Gozer was stopped by technology developed by Egon Spengler and Spengler's own inspired idea to cross the protonic streams. However, this only stalled Gozer's invasion. The Lord of the Sebouillia had landed an anchor on Earth and would continue to devise many schemes.

Threat Assessment


  • Entropic Physiology
    • Dimensional Travel: Gozer is believed to have been able to freely cross all dimensional barriers. However is now so confined to only enter the dimensions which have been bridged to the Sebouillia.
    • Enhanced Agility: According to firsthand accounts, Gozer is a "nimble, little minx" - able to effortlessly evade proton streams and leap dozens of feet into the air in an acrobatic fashion.
    • Enhanced Resilience: As a Class VII entity, Gozer is nigh-invincible and not susceptible to most conventional weaponry.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Gozer appears able to go centuries and possibly eons without any means of nutrition or rest, apparently only requiring such things to recover from the most serious defeats.
    • Enhanced Strength: Gozer does not often flaunt their strength but ancient myths describe their their strength as greater than a "thousand beasts of burden." It is quite probable that Gozer's strength is Class X.
    • Entropic Bolts: Gozer often uses bolts of entropic energy to weaken enemies and grant boons to their own minions. Though they appear like pink or purple bolts of lightning, this energy is actually an extension of Gozer's soul(s) and can be used to transmit a variety of effects. Ancient murals in Sumeria depict Gozer smiting a dozen warriors with such force and the Ghostbusters reported being hit by such energy during their first showdown with Gozer, though it appears as Gozer was toying with them (though the Ghostbusters were nearly blasted off the rooftop). Gozer's arrival in 2013 was forcasted by a prolonged storm where entropic bolts filled the sky.
    • Geokinesis: Gozer can summon earthquakes, tremors, and cause volcanoes to erupt to ravage entire cities in moments. This appears to become more powerful the longer Gozer remains on a particular plane but Gozer was able to unleash an earthquake upon their initial arrival on Earth that was powerful enough to form a sinkhole which almost claimed the lives of the Ghostbusters as they arrived to confront Gozer.
    • Immortal: Gozer does not age, nor are they susceptible to illness.
    • Organic Conjuration: Gozer can will complex organisms into life, such as Giant Torbs, Giant Sloars, and Giant Marshmallow Men. Gozer cannot create a legion of such creatures to lay waste to a planet (or at least has yet to do so), likely due to Gozer imparting a great deal of their own power into such beings - possibly suggesting granting one of their own souls into their chosen champions of destruction.
  • Sorcery: Though Gozer appears to prefer the use of their own natural abilities, it is quite clear that Gozer is an accomplished sorcerer. If magic is capable of producing any effect, assume Gozer can do so as well.


  • Pride: Gozer appears to be quite prideful and arrogant. Often, Gozer will prefer to taunt and torment champions sent to face them, rather than dispatch them outright. This may be tied to ancient rules which Gozer is bound to follow as this 'flaw' seems connected to Gozer's practice of allowing champions to choose the means by which their kind shall parish.
  • Total Protonic Reversal: Total protonic reversal also appears to be an effective means of dealing with Gozer - at least temporarily.


  • Physicality: 8 - Paragon
  • Occult: 8 - Paragon
  • Weapons: 8 - Paragon
  • Experience: 8 - Paragon
  • Ranged: 6 - World-Class / Superb 
  • Strategy: 8 - Paragon[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • Gozer has a Threat Assessment ranking of 525, marking them as an Extinction Crisis.
  • The two archangels that escorted Gozer to the Foundation were Raphael and Saraquael.
  • Gozer promised Zuul and Vinz Clortho untold wealth if they helped them break out. The two fallen angels became their heralds and generals, and act as their "Keymaster" and "Gatekeeper."[2]
  • The Vuldronaii are past followers of Gozer. They made demands on Gozer and for this, were destroyed by Gozer's summoning of a Torb. A Torb is a semi-serpentine goliath that resembles a giant eel with two arms. They emit a continuous current and electrocute their victims.
  • The Meketrex Supplicants were members of an alien empire which had done a fair job of resisting Gozer's conquest. It took three invasions. Among the alien races that made the Meketrex were the Shubs and Zulls. A Sloar is a large dragon. Essentially a living reptilian furnace that slowly burns alive whoever is unfortunate enough to be eaten by this beast.[3]
  • When Gozer was summoned on June 13th, 2013, the champions they faced were the Ghostbusters. They agreed to withdraw if they defeated her champion. Ray Stantz inadvertently recalled a corporate mascot from his childhood, and Gozer summoned an enormous "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man". In the end Gozer was defeated when the Ghostbusters crossed the streams of their Proton Packs.[4]


  • Gozer is a character from the Ghostbusters films and its related media.
  • Tiamat, Senta, and Koza'Rai are characters from the Ghostbusters comics published by IDW. Gozer is Koza'Rai's child in the comics, and Senta is Gozer's half-sister in that continuity.

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