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Gloriana Tenebrae

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Trivia and Notes


  • She's a queen of the Sheeda.[1]
  • She came to Earth and seduced John Pemberton, so she could be able to give birth to a child able to act as a conduit between Earth and the Void so that the Sheeda could invade en masse. Unfortunately her son Sylvester was too evenly half-Fae and half-human. The Sheeda needed more of a connection to Earth while still maintaining the royal Sheeda bloodline's traits, so Gloriana had arranged for Sylvester to marry a woman with the right qualifiers to produce the ideal child. The Sheeda abducted Arthur Pemberton, but found he lacked the right essence. In 2013 they kidnapped Jacqueline Pemberton and she was perfect. The only thing Jackie had to do was to consent to a ritual, but she didn't do anything. She was later rescued by the Seven Soldiers of Victory.[2]


  • In the comics Gloriana Tenebrae and Gloria Pemberton are two different characters. In Earth-27 they are a composite character.

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