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  • She met Harvey Dent during the welcoming gala for Bruce Wayne. Bruce introduced her to Harvey and when gunfire later erupted, Harvey and Gilda ducked into a coat closet together for safety. After evacuating, Bruce invited Harvey and Gilda to join him and Silver St. Cloud out for Chinese and it was here that Bruce put Harvey up for running for the office of Gotham District Attorney. Resistant at first, Harvey ultimately came around when Bruce put Gilda in charge of the Wayne Foundation political initiative and tasked her with persuading Harvey to run for office. After Harvey agreed to run, Gilda and he began an official romance while planning his election strategy. They were married just after Harvey won the election.[1]
  • She's one of killers inspired by Paige Monroe. She popped up during Calendar Girl's reign, killing mobsters that had been recently released from prison on technicalities. The killings stopped when Calendar Girl was arrested so many law enforcement officers were convinced that Paige had done the killings as practice or some sort of misguided community service, but the mobster killings continued when Calendar Man began his own murders. Eventually, Holiday became realized to be a separate entity entirely as the killer began leaving letters to Calendar Girl at the crime scenes. The only known connection between the Holiday Killer's victims is that they were all, at one time or another, successfully or unsuccessfully tried by Harvey Dent.[2]
  • Bianca Steeplechase is her rival.[3]

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