The Ghostbusters Firehouse is the home base of a team of parapsychologists located in Star City, OR. The Ghostbusters renovated the old firehouse in the Saulk District and turned it into their base of operations.

Constructed in partnership with Queen Consolidated following the destruction of their first building in 2013 which became the epicenter for a spectral explosion.

Trivia and Notes


  • The current firehouse is their second headquarters. The first one is destroyed during the Main Containment Unit's shutdown in the events of Hell on Earth.[1]
  • Tiyah Zeddemore has filled in as the Ghostbuster's office manager when Janine Melnitz was out for surgery. Since her kids have grown up and moved out, she often finds excuses to wander over to the Firehouse, often even making meals for the on-call teams. Peter and the younger Busters call her "Mama Z."[2]
  • Dani Shpak operates a ten gallon home brewery in the Firehouse's tool room.[3]


  • The firehouse's address comes from the IDW Ghostbusters comics.

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