George Harkness: 1976 - 2006

The illegitimate son of an American toymaker, W. W. Wiggins, and an Australian woman, Betty Harkness, George Harkness was raised in poverty in the small town of Kurrumbura, Australia. His stepfather, Ian, hated the boy and made his life miserable; often beating young George in the midst of a drunken stupor. An elderly aboriginal who lived nearby took pity of George and would spend time whittling with the boy, and also taught him to use a boomerang. Surprisingly, George used the skills the old man taught him to fashion his own boomerang and used it to strike his stepfather in the head, knocking the drunk unconscious and making him and easy target for George to unleash his pent up rage. Ian died from his injuries several days later.

As a juvenile, the judge showed mercy on the teenage George and sent him to a military disciplinary school in lieu of jail. While in the military academy, George continued to perfect his skills with a boomerang, finding satisfaction with each thrill as he relieved the look on his dead stepfather’s face.

Upon graduating and being released back into society, George took advantage of his excellent scores in the military academy (and possibly some blackmail was involved) to get enrolled into the Royal Military College in Duntroon and then going into service in the Australian army, where he became a Commando in the 2nd Commando Regiment. For several years, most of George’s activities were classified, but I can pinpoint that he spent time in South America, Egypt, the Middle East, South Africa, Eastern Europe, and Canada. After some assignment went bad, resulting in the deaths of several civilians, George was discharged from the army at the rank of Captain. George then promptly began his criminal career, starting small with general stores and like, until he began to sell his services to the higher bidder overseas using the alias Captain Boomerang. Eventually, George chose to settle in Central City, Missouri.[1]

Captain Boomerang: 2006 - Present

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  • Military Training
  • Array of gimmick boomerangs


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Trivia and Notes


  • His criminal activity falls under GCPD, FBI, Interpol and ARGUS jurisdiction.


  • Captain Boomerang's Arkham patient number (#60117), is a nod to his first comic appearance: Flash #117, in 1960.

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