Located in the state of Massachusetts, Gateway City is home to Wonder Woman. It is also where ARGUS Headquarters is located.

Trivia and Notes


  • The city borders with Ivy Town and Happy Harbor.
  • Eli Spengler, an immigrant from Germany, was a founding father of Lewiston, Massachusetts (which would later be renamed Gateway City). Rumors suggest Eli was also a member of a secret society of occultists and was responsible for creating powerful wards and runes which sealed dark entities away under Lewiston and Gotham town.[1]


  • Locations in Gateway City are named after artists and writers of Wonder Woman comics:
    • Rucka Road - Greg Rucka
    • HG Peter Blvd - Harry George Peter
    • W. M. Marston Building - William Moulton Marston
    • Perez Blvd - George Perez
    • Busiek Drive - Kurt Busiek
  • In the comics Dennis Peterson High School and Saint Elias School for Girls were schools Cassandra Sandsmark attended.

Links and References

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