G. Gordon Godfrey

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Trivia and Notes


  • He applied to become Justice League's spokeperson, but the job went to Catherine Cobert. He complains about it from time to time on his show.[1]
  • His show broadcasted Tilly Lace's plea to intervene in Khandaq due to harboring Cult of Kobra members.[2]
  • He picked up Jack Ryder's article about Izzy Bowin's connection Hartley Rathaway and blasted it across the airwaves. When Izzy later made an appearance on The Scene, he ambushed her with questions. Izzy chose her words poorly, trying to defend her love for her brother while also distancing herself from his actions. When Godfrey sensed weakness, he started pushing. Izzy's anger got the better of her, stood up from her chair and called Godfrey a "no-good rat" and just like that, Godfrey transformed into a rat on live television.[3]

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