The Fortress of Solitude is an ancient Kryptonian colony ship that was meant to serve as the command post for an ancient Kryptonian colony that died off due to a strange disease which had contaminated the ship during its space travel that Kryptonians were highly susceptible to, which Kelex had spent over seven centuries years developing a vaccine for in isolation before going into sleep mode, only awakening again to welcome Kal-El and Kara Zor-El (and make sure they were properly vaccinated before venturing too far into the ship). This ship's lingering biological threat remains as it is the sole security feature that keeps General Zod, Ursa, and Non from claiming the Fortress as their own.

The Fortress has a few robotic servants which appear like small oblong drones that hover about the Fortress, cleaning, preparing meals, and performing maintenance. These robotic servants and their steward, the advanced drone known as Kelex, are the reasons the Fortress has remained a functional citadel after five thousand years of neglect... of course, there are limits to what the robots are allowed to do, so Karen Starr and John Henry Irons are usually needed to make key modifications and improvements. The Fortress is located in the arctic regions of northern Canada.[1]

On the upper deck there are eight bedrooms, a refresher, a kitchen, a clinic, a robot station, a utility room and an animal pen.

On the lower deck there is a hangar, a supply room, a sitting room, a vault, a trophy room and a fabrication station.

Trivia and Notes



  • Crystals being part of the fortress are a nod to the classic look of the fortress in the comics.

Links and References

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