The Hand is the enforcement authority of the Norsefire Party. This division is made up of Minister of the Hand Peter Creedy. The agents under his supervision act as the secret police of the Norsefire party and are known as the "Fingers" or "Fingermen". The Hand is housed in the Century House, former home of MI6.[1]

They are divided into different divisions which handle different tasks, e.g. an occult division.[2]

Fingermen enforce curfews by patrolling every night.

Trivia and Notes


  • They are responsible for creation of Kay Challis' 37th personality - Snow Queen.[3]
  • The organization is working with the Soul and is conducting public witch-burnings as a means to stoke further anti-magical bigotry.


  • The organization comes from the V for Vendetta comic.
  • In the comics character have different roles:
    • Charles Pinckney is character from the Wildstorm team Stormwatch.
    • Lionel Hawkins is a Checkmate Knight.
    • Jon Drake is the leader of Establishment. His codename is Templar.

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