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  • He gained magical power through infernal pacts.[1]
  • He took Tala after sensing her magical potential. He told Tala that he intended to make her his apprentice, but he used her as a magical battery so that he had no need to strain his own mystical reserves. It was not until she was in her twenty-sixth life that she began on the path to becoming a proper sorceress, but only because Felix needed a sorcerer other than himself to do what he had planned next: binding a demon's power to his own soul. Something went wrong and the demon's power was absorbed by Tala herself rather than Faust. Tala became catatonic and Felix left her in his library to search for relics, and when he returned she became his apprentice and use this position to learn and gain power.
  • Felix tricked Tala into reciting an incantation near one of his many relics and trapped her in a magic mirror. There she would spend several centuries, usually in solitude. When Faust was not travelling, he would often gloat of his victory over her, but eventually Felix took on a new apprentice and Tala was able to trick the young man into taking her place so that she might ambush Faust. While she had planned to kill Faust, Felix instead shouted the incantation of the mirror just as Tala swung down with her blade. Faust imprisoned himself in the mirror and let his unfortunate pupil take the blow from Tala. These shenanigans persisted for a century or two, each one finding some way to trick the other into invoking the mirror's magic until finally Faust offered a truce in the form of a magically-enforced marriage geas. Tala agreed to undergo the geas, even if it required marrying the mentor that she had come to despise. When their marriage was consummated, the two went their separate ways for centuries.
  • In 1983 Felix and Tala performed a ritual which tapped into the potent cosmic energies at play that morning and fueled their own magical potencies which were intended to be passed to the child which would soon form inside Tala. Many months after this ritual had been undertaken, Tala brought Felix his son, exchanging the child for a black diamond, as per the terms of their arrangement. Before she left, she made sure to give her son a kiss and tell him to be a rotten brat for Felix's mortal wife Julia.[2]
  • Felix sacrified his Julia, summoned a demon and tried to imbue his daughter Fauna with demon's power. But when the demon saw paralyzed body of Sebastian who tried to stop Felix, he decided to give the power to Sebastian. Sebastian beat Felix, took Fauna and ran away.[3]
  • He helped with Max MacKay's resurrection.
  • He supplied the League of Assassins with an obfuscation charm.
  • He tried to perform a ritual in Gotham, but due to Jack Ryder's interuption he accidentally opened a rift to another dimension from which a single entity managed to escape, bonding itself with the fleeing Jack.[4]
  • He's an uneasy ally of Lucifer Morningstar.[5]


  • He is a composite character with Vincent Yatz.
  • His membership in the Light is a nod to Young Justice animated series.
    • The seventh circle of Light is a nod to the "Misplaced" episode.

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