Fabletown is home of Fables who travelled to Earth from the Homelands.

Fabletown was previously four city blocks in New York City protected by glamour charms meant to conceal their existence, but the events of the Manhattaning destroyed their home and when the "survivors" reformed, they were without a home. They formed a new community but were soon driven out for fear of exposure without their magical protections. That is when Danny the Street found them.

The extra residual Vorpal energy given off by the Fables allowed Danny the Street to grow larger and Danny's ability to relocate was a great protection for the surviving Fables. So most of Earth's Fables became Dannyzens. They have a small neighborhood on Danny the Street (known as "Fabletown") but are by no means fully contained to that area of Danny.

When a Fable comes to Fabletown, they have to sign the Fabletown Compact which pardons them of their past crimes in exchange for them agreeing to abide by Fabletown's laws of secrecy.[1]

Locations in Fabletown

  • The Woodlands Building
  • Glass Slipper Shoe Store

Trivia and Notes



  • Fabletown is a location from the Fables comics.

Links and References

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