Etta Candy: 1979 - Present

Henrietta’s father was a career military officer in the Marines and so Henrietta spent her childhood bouncing around to different military bases. As a result, “Etta” (as her father would call her) did not have many friends. Instead, Etta built up a strong relationship with her father, often tagging along with him as he went about his duties on the base.

When Etta was fifteen, her father was killed in a training accident. In her grief, Etta turned to comfort foods to dull her pain. By the time she graduated high school, Etta was obese; but the turned it all around after graduation, losing weight in order to qualify for entry into the US Naval Academy that fall.

At the time she was going through the Academy, Etta recognized that many of her fellow female cadets were struggling (and in some ways, the system had been rigged against them), so Etta created a secret study group of other female cadets which she called “The Holliday Girls” (named for actress Judy Holliday who despite being well educated and intelligent was often cast to play dim-witted parts). All but one Holliday Girl finished in the top ten percent of their class. [Note: Both Kate Kane & Renee Montoya were original Holliday Girls]

After graduating, Etta eventually landed into an intelligence task force and worked with Steve Trevor and Diana Prince for a short time. After the taskforce was dissolved when Wonder Woman was called back to the states, Candy remained in the military, eventually being reassigned to the Naval Academy as an instructor. Here she was tasked with training the future of the Navy and Marine Crops’ female commandos, which she naturally designated “The Holliday Girls”. She continued in this position until 2009 when she was recruited by ARGUS at the request of Steve Trevor to be the Chief of Security for the Justice League. In no time at all, Etta picked up her old friendship with Diana and the two quickly became more than just amiable co-workers, but were soon the best of friends. Etta is regarded as quite the character nowadays, I am told she is often heart throughout the halls, exclaiming: “Woo woo!” in excitement. [1]

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  • Etta's affiliation with Project Victory is from when she worked as Steve Trevor's assistant in their work with Wonder Woman in the Middle East.[2]


  • Holliday Girls were Candy's sorority/commando unit (seriously) from the Golden Age comics. Judy Holliday being the reason for their name is an E27 original. They helped bring down the Nazis, rescue Wonder Woman, infiltrate submarines, and all manner of other silliness that you'd find in the early days of comics.
  • Etta being obese is a nod to her original appearance.

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