Eric Needham: 1988 - 2017

Born in Blüdhaven, Eric Needham grew up to be a small time crook that was addicted to heroin. Desperate for money to buy more drugs, he robbed a liquor store and killed the owner. Due to being a juvenile at the time and considering his addiction, Eric was sent to given court-mandated rehab in the Juvenile Justice Hall in Gotham City. While housed there, just months before his scheduled release, Gotham’s Cataclysm struck. Within the first week of the incident, the Juvenile detention center was overrun by a group of white supremacist delinquents calling themselves the “Spider Society”. Eric was spared due to having made friends with the leader in their therapy class and was given the name “Black Spider”. Having been given their protection, however, did not excuse their bigotry and ultra-violence, and Eric escaped their ranks at the first opportunity, eventually finding refuge among the Sons of Batman.

In his rehab, Eric kicked the heroin habit out of remorse and grew to despise the drug trade, often volunteering to the lead patrols into drug heavy areas to find drug dealers to bludgeon in the midst of the cataclysm, often neglecting the more pressing threats at the time. When Jean-Paul Valley could no longer spare older members to aid Eric in his assault on Gotham’s drug den, Eric was tasked to make use of the many youth that had flocked to the Sons’ camp for protection. Eric crafted the “Kid Wonders” youth group and installed himself as the first Keeper of their order and trained the teenagers to harass and impede the drug trafficking. When order within Gotham was restored, Eric was asked to serve as JPV's Sergeant-at-Arms but he declined. When he was removed from his position as Keeper for punishment, Eric chose to quit and took the president of the Kid Wonders with him, the two donning costumes and making their own form of dynamic-duo. When Erick began killing those suspected of dealing drugs, he was brought down by Batman and the Birds of Prey. In Arkham, he did favors to earn his back into the club… against JPV's best efforts to keep him out. When he was released from Arkham two years ago, he was elected to be Vice-President of the Sons, against JPV's wishes.[1]

Black Spider: 2017 - Present

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  • His Arkham Patient number (#76463) is a nod to his first comic book appearance: Detective Comics #463 in 1976.

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