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  • In 1990 he and Tsaritsa created a chthonic muse called Terry None. They also created a German town of Germelshausen loosely connected to actual reality. Because his views were shaped by pop culture from his own childhood and Tsaritsa was from another dimension Terry grew up in a nightmarish interpretation of the 1950s suburbia with the added element of medieval public torture and executions for misbehavior.
  • In 2015 he found his daughter and convinced her that her destiny was to be the greatest supervillain in existence (or at least be the greatest supervillain's daughter). Giving his daughter a costume and a purpose, Mr. Nobody recruited Terry to his Brotherhood of Dada. After a couple of weeks of bonding, Mr. Nobody even changed the name to the Brotherhood of Nada under Terry's suggestion. Nobody even let Terry take a shot as team leader of the renamed criminal team.[1]
  • In 2015 he attacked and destroyed the Dayton Clinic.[2]

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