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Edmund Dorrance

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Trivia and Notes


  • He was dispatched to Santa Prisca by Ra's al Ghul to stoke the flames and further the hostilities between the communist regime of thew time and its supporting resistance. During his time on the island, Edmund took many lovers but there were two he loved most of all: twin sisters Antonia and Rosa Diaz. During the course of his long assignment on the island, Edmund had three children with the sisters. With Rosa, he had a son, Ricardo, in 1975. With Antonia, he had another son who was born in 1982 but who was born in prison after Antonia was captured and forced to serve one of her lover's life sentences. Six years later, news reached Edmund and Rosa that Antonia was killed and fed to the sharks surrounding her prison. In their grief, they two shared one last night together before Edmund fled the country with Rosa's son, not knowing he'd given Rosa another child,this time daughter Larissa.[1]

Links and References

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