ECO are a Hebdomad formed from the remnants of the Order of Ancient Mysteries known as the Eurybian College of the Occult, or "ECO". They have many objectives but one involves possession of the five rings and the overthrow of Gaia.

Eurybia is a Titaness of myth described as "having a heart of flint within her." She is the bastard daughter of Pontus and Gaia. She was known as having power over the elements. During the Titanomachy she chose not to choose any sides in the conflict. However, as she did not support the victorious Olympians and was a Titaness herself, a punishment was required. In lieu of being imprisoned with the other Titans, five of her six souls were extracted from her heart stone. Rings were forged from the five shards of her heart. These rings were given to Zeus' throne guard, but were later left with Gaia upon the Olympians' departure from Earth. Eurybia's remaining soul was still immortal and with that immortality, she slowly built a base of power, gathering allies and resources, patiently waiting for the day Gaia would leave her hidden island. Eurybia is the namesake of the ECO and its leader... or she was until recently...

Khaos is a Primordial being, the sister of Erebus, Pontus, Gaia, Ouranos, and Nyx. She has explored the cosmos for a great expanse of time only to return recently, eager to reap the power of Earth at the dawn of the Fifth World. She seeks to usurp her sister Gaia as the Spirit of Earth to become the avatar of the planet upon its elevation in the aftermath of an event brought upon by their other sister Nyx, an event known as the Blackest Night.[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • The College saved Dragan Nükaum life by transferring his soul into a golem after his execution. The rage that consumed Nükaum upon his death rained his soul and that often bleeds into the environment with entropic influence.


  • ECO are the adaptation of the Eco-Villains from the Captain Planet animated series.
  • While most of the villains are reimaginings of the original characters, Eurybia and Khaos are essentially stand-ins for Captain Pollution and Zarm, respectively.

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