E27VOXA What's Your Function

E27VOXA: What's Your Function?



VOX Archive

  • Oracle: [Yawn] I say we call it another successful night of justice-dealing and teeth-kick-in-ery. All in favor?
  • Black Bat: [via comms] I will rest when the sun rises.
  • Red Robin: [via comms] Did Cass just sound a little too much like Bruce just then?
  • Black Bat: [via comms] Pfft.
  • Red Robin: [via comms] Well I have maybe another hour or two in me...
  • Nightwing: [via comms] Not me. I have lunch with the Chief of Detectives tomorrow. I better catch some sleep.
  • Oracle: Make sure you put some ice on that shoulder, Dick.
  • Nightwing: [via comms] You got it, mom.
  • Batman: [via comms] Damian has school. I better get him back, too.
  • Nightwing: [via comms] Oh, I thought he was home-schooled.
  • Batman: [via comms] For now… but Alfred takes it seriously. As he should, Damian needs a proper education.
  • Oracle: Yeah, I would agree with Alfred on that one. Damian should learn about the difference between verbs and nouns. Oh, and also the really important things like conjunctions and things like how bills become laws…
  • Red Robin: [via comms] Babs, that’s not school… That’s… Schoolhouse Rock.
  • Oracle: [chuckle] Yeah… I uh… I slept through a lot of high school due to my extracurricular activities.
  • Red Robin: [via comms] So you used old cartoon music videos to fill in the gaps?
  • Oracle: Hey, don’t be mocking those sweet cartoons! They really helped Cass, didn’t they?
  • Black Bat: [via comms] [sing song] “-tion Junction, what’s your func-“ Wait, did someone say my name?

Trivia and Notes

  • This VOX Box used to be part of an outdated Oracle File: Barbara Gordon 1/2.
  • Debut of Cassandra Cain/Black Bat and Tim Drake/Red Robin.
  • Schoolhouse Rock helped Cassandra with her education and she tends to sing it.

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