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  • Beatriz da Costa: [footsteps: 2 instances] Boa tarde, but I do not think we have had a moment to officially introduce ourselves to you... We are Fire... [flames crackling] and Ice. A volatile combination, to be sure.
  • Tora Olafsdotter: More volatile than the famous Bjorland peanut butter and sardine smoothie.
  • Beatriz da Costa: Uh... What?! Ew... [sigh] Anyway, I'm Beatriz and that's Tora... and who might you be?
  • Booster Gold: Booster Gold... Some call me Booster, but you can call me Gold, as you can bet I'm every bit as precious as the metal.
  • Beatriz da Costa: Veremos... [nervous chuckle, throat clears] Well then, and your real name?
  • Booster Gold: Oh, no way. No can do there, ladies. I'm under a strict orders to keep my identity secret... for now, at least.
  • Beatriz da Costa: Seriously? We're teammates...
  • Booster Gold: For now... who is to say that one of you isn't a secret Yellow Lantern mole or a brain-washed clone of the real you.
  • Tora Olafsdotter: Is he being serious now?
  • Beatriz da Costa: I... I think so... não há problema. We just won't give you our last names then. So... We're actually curious if you'd help us.
  • Booster Gold: Let me guess, you'd like an autograph?
  • Tora Olafsdotter: [gasp] You really think you can get me Superman's autograph?!
  • Beatriz da Costa: Tora! That's not at all what he meant... and no, we don't want your autograph... [deflated sighs: 2 instances] Your friend, Blue Beetle, who was so kind as to actually tell us his secret identity, has caught Tora's interest. Any pointers?
  • Booster Gold: On what?
  • Beatriz da Costa: [sigh] On wooing him... of course. You know, what kind of girls does he like? What sort of things does he like to do?
  • Booster Gold: Uh... Well... He's something of a Renaissance Fair man-
  • Beatriz da Costa: Oh, you mean he likes dressing up in silly clothes and speaking in outdated ways?! That's perfect for you, Tora!
  • Skeets: [whirring] Excuse me, sir, but I believe the term you were looking for is Renaissance man as in a man of many talents.
  • Booster Gold: Oh yeah... [nervous chuckle] he's that, too.

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