E27VOXA The Todd Dilemma

E27VOXA: The Todd Dilemma



  • Batplane, Gotham County, NJ
  • November 19th 2015, 2342 Local Time

VOX Archive

  • Nightwing: Bruce has the worst timing to leave town. Any word from Jason? Or did he disable his comms?
  • Oracle: He’s Jason… So that would be a yes with a capital Y. The last update I got was that he had subdued Tetch and was en route to Arkham.
  • Nightwing: Can’t you, I don’t know, hack his comms back on?
  • Oracle: Who do you think you’re talking to, Dick? I’ve got 71% of a forced reboot protocol going on it as we speak.
  • Nightwing: You’re amazing. How about a location on our mind-controlled Dr. Langstrom?
  • Oracle: That one’s a bit trickier. I can’t get a lock on his exact location. I can tell you he’s somewhere in the lower west side.
  • Nightwing: Thanks, Babs, I’m on it. Oh… and when you get through to Jason, make sure that Hatter still has all of his body parts. Remember what he did to Croc last week?
  • Oracle: Uh… you want me to tell Jason what to do?
  • Nightwing: Ask him nicely. If you say it came from you, he might listen. If you say it came from me-
  • Oracle: Yeah… Good point, he would probably knee-cap Tetch out of spite.

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