E27VOXA The Commissioner's Daughter

E27VOXA: The Commissioner's Daughter



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  • Nightwing: after I finished up with Blockbuster, I went back home to clean the rubble out of my hair and suit; and guess who was lurking around my lair.
  • Barbara Gordon: [gasp] No! She wouldn’t…
  • Nightwing: Yeah, Bette was there, helping herself to my fridge –
  • Barbara Gordon: Hold on, Dick. My dad’s calling on the other line. [LINE SWAP] Dad?
  • Jim Gordon: How did you know it was me?
  • [VOX CONFIRMATION: Gordon, James – GCPD Commissioner]
  • Barbara Gordon: [sigh] It’s called Caller ID, dad.
  • Jim Gordon: Oh, right… [sigh] Say, you’re not in the East End tonight, are you?
  • Barbara Gordon: No. I’m at home… as I usually am at two in the morning.
  • Jim Gordon: [sigh] Oh, okay… I’m sorry, it’s just that Jonathan Crane called in a –
  • Barbara Gordon: A bomb threat near Park Row. [tongue click] Yeah, I know.
  • Jim Gordon: How did you know that?
  • Barbara Gordon: Uh… [face palm] An app? Yeah… One of those Police Scanner apps.
  • Jim Gordon: Oh, right… [chuckle, sigh] I swear, one of these days I’ll be obsolete.
  • Barbara Gordon: No machine or program can replace you, dad… No yet anyways. [chuckle]

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