E27VOXA The Birds of Prey

E27VOXA: The Birds of Prey



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  • Black Canary: I do just fine without one.
  • Huntress: Aren't you worried about being recognized?
  • Black Canary: No. I'm not a mob boss' daughter or a playboy billionaire. I think the wig will work just fine.
  • Huntress: You used to wear a mask.
  • Black Canary: True... It looked a lot like yours, actually. Now that I think about it...
  • Huntress: Coincidence. I'm an original kind of gal. I don't copy anyone's style, Dinah.
  • Black Canary: Uh huh... [scoff] Sure, you don't.
  • Huntress: Seriously!
  • Black Canary: Seriously seriously?
  • Oracle: Seriously. [wheelchair rolling] Save the vinegar, you two. You'll need it for what I got for you.
  • Black Canary: Hey, Oracle. Any luck getting that info from Selina?
  • Oracle: Yes, but Batman called dibs so the dynamic duo are en route. I need you two to go question the Penguin. I just traced those weapons we found on those gangbangers last week to one of his warehouses.
  • Huntress: Arms-dealing is against the rules of his amnesty agreement with Batman...
  • Oracle: Exactly! Cobblepot's still too good of an informant for Batman to take him to task on that, but...
  • Black Canary: The Birds of Prey have no such agreement with Penguin, right?
  • Oracle: Exactly. [giggles]

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