E27VOXA Super Bundles of Joy

E27V0XA: Super Bundles of Joy



  • Watchtower, Earth's Orbit
  • February 1st 2017, 0111 Local Time

VOX Archive

  • Damian Wayne: Nervous?
  • Superman: Yeah... My wife's on the other side of that wall giving birth to a half-alien child in a room that is hermetically sealed and sound-proof.
  • Damian Wayne: And you find that unsettling because you can't eavesdrop? I understand that. Very well, Kryptonian... I will give you my sympathy.
  • Superman: Oh, wow... I feel bad now that I didn't get you anything... [chuckle] Wait, is your phone sync'd to the Watchtower's media files?
  • Damian Wayne: Yes... Why?
  • Superman: [rush of air] Very well... I'll give you the greatest gift of all. [beep, muffled rock music]
  • Damian Wayne: What is this I am listening to?
  • Superman: Just be quiet and listen to it. It's-
  • Damian Wayne: Garbage. [music paused, headphones clattering on metallic surface]
  • Superman: Hey, that's my favorite song! You didn't even give it a chance-
  • Damian Wayne: Land of Confusion. Recorded by Genesis in 1986, I believe.
  • Superman: Oh, so you have heard of it. Excellent! Did you know that Phil Collins was the-
  • Damian Wayne: Lead singer and drummer of Genesis? Yes. I also know that Disturbed's 2006 cover is the superior version.
  • Superman: No, no, no! Phil Collins is the best... Seriously, you don't get much better art than that which is made by Phil.
  • Damian Wayne: I thought Kryptonians had super-hearing... Ask Midnight to check your's before you leave.
  • Superman: You're a lot like your father... and I don't mean that as a compliment.
  • Dr. Midnight: [door whooshes open, baby cries, footsteps] Superman...
  • Superman: Doctor, is... is she-
  • Dr. Midnight: Now, now... Lois is fine. The delivery went much smoother than the last two, especially impressive as this was twins. You can see th-
  • Superman: Wait a minute... Doc, did you say twins?
  • Hooty: Affirmative, [whirring] It appears Kryptonian children can undergo mitosis at a stage much later than human children. Prior scans had fail-
  • Superman: We have twins?!
  • Lois Lane: [distant chuckle] [shout:] Yes, Smallville! That's what the doc said! [chuckle] Now get in here and help me name these cuties.

Trivia and Notes

  • Birth of Superman and Lois' twins Carol and Jane.
  • Story continues in Oracle Files: Jon Kent 1.
  • This VOX Box used to be part of Oracle Files: Clark Kent 3, but it has a few changes:
    • In the original VOX Box Damian appeared with a bandage in the head, after his confrontation with Heretic (that was the reason he was in the Watchtower infirmary).
    • As the original VOX Box takes place pre-reboot, this was the birth of Clark and Lois' first babies (Jon and Laura). Now Dr. Midnight mentions that this is Lois' third delivery.

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