E27VOXA One Night Stand

E27VOXA: One Night Stand

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  • Huntress: Wait, are you serious?! You and Batman had a one-night stand?!
  • Black Canary: Well... [nervous chuckle]
  • Huntress: How the hell did that happen?!
  • Black Canary: Just one of those things. I had just had one of many break-ups with Ollie and... [sigh] Bruce had just lost Jason. We were both vulnerable, sure; but it was what we needed at the time.
  • Huntress: Ew, I was Batgirl then... Please don't tell me it was in the Batmobile.
  • Black Canary: I wish it was in the Batmobile. Never got a chance to take it for a ride.
  • Huntress: Can't say the same about Batman. Eh? Eh?
  • Black Canary: Anyway, my investigation led me to a crew of small-time robbers. Batman got there first and...
  • Huntress: So you two busted heads and then knocked boots?
  • Black Canary: Nah, I let him finish his interrogation... then I got what I needed out of him later.
  • Huntress: Wow, Dinah... You're naughty! What did the Emerald Archer say when you told him about it?
  • Black Canary: Are you kidding me?! Ollie will never know about it. He already has inadequacy issues between him and Bruce. That's the last pot of drama I need to stir up...
  • Huntress: Okay. Fair enough... So... How was Bruce? Did you keep the mask on?
  • Oracle: Puh-lease, for the love of God don't answer that! Waaaay too much ick for one night. In fact, I'm mandating that we're going to go radio silence from here on out tonight. Mmkay?

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