E27VOXA Of Caves And Fortresses

E27VOXA: Of Caves And Fortresses



VOX Archive

  • Superman: [jet engines power down, canopy opens, hiss, clambering: 3 instances, footsteps: 3 instances, whoosh, footsteps] So... This is the Batcave? It's... awfully dark... and damp.
  • Robin: Ha... [scoff] "Damp"? Says the man who lives in a castle made of ice... y'know, ice? It's frozen water.
  • Batgirl: [groan] I think he knows what ice is, twerp. He's an alien, sure... but he's lived on Earth his whole life.
  • Batman: That's enough, both of you!
  • Superman: Ah, geez... [footsteps: 2 instances] No need to yell at them. It's fine, Bruce... Really. They're just defending your, uh, interesting, interior design choices.
  • Batman: [footsteps: 2 instances] My lab is over here. Let's analyze the component and we should be able to deduce who is behind these weapons' manufacture. [clatter]
  • Superman: My money is on Lex. [sigh, clatter]
  • Batman: That's why you'll never be rich, Clark. Your first instinct is always Luthor. [clatter] You don't hedge your bets.
  • Superman: Lex is dirty, Bruce. [clatter] Mark my words...
  • Batman: I don't doubt it. Men with that much money don't get that way without breaking laws and making enemies on the way.
  • Alfred Pennyworth: [chuckle, footsteps] Mind the pot and kettle, Master Bruce. [clatter] I wish I would know we had a guest. I would have brought him refreshments as well.
  • Batman: It's fine. He can have mine... [clatter, throat clears] Hmm? Oh... Right... Clark, this is my butler, Alfred. Alfred, this is Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet and the Metropolitan alien known as Superman.
  • Superman: [nervous chuckle] So much for my secret identity...
  • Alfred Pennyworth: No fear, Master Clark. I won't divulge your secret. After all, who do you think helped him deduce it in the first place?
  • Superman: Okay then... [nervous chuckle] Well, Alfred, was it? It's nice to meet you.
  • Alfred Pennyworth: We have actually met before, but you're not likely to remember. I was in disguise at the time, doing reconnaissance at the Planet.
  • Superman: A disguise? Gosh... [nervous chuckle] Are you a butler or a superspy, Alfred?
  • Alfred Pennyworth: Why must I be only one? Are you not yourself both a reporter, a caped crusader, and an alien?
  • Superman: Touché.
  • Batman: [clank] If you are done being chummy, I've deduced this is Kord-Tech. What say you, Kent? Shall we go visit Thomas Kord?

Trivia and Notes

  • This VOX Box used to be part of Oracle Files: Bruce Wayne 3.
  • Alfred's phrase about the pot and the kettle is a hint that maybe Alan or Solomon Wayne (Bruce's ancestors) did some shady things to build the Wayne Empire.
  • At this time Ted Kord's father was still alive and in charge of Kord Omniversal.

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