E27VOXA Kansas Kryptonian

E27VOXA: Kansas Kryptonian



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  • Jonathan Kent: Clark, I'm going to need you to come home. We need to talk.
  • Clark Kent: There is nothing to talk about.
  • Jonathan Kent: The day that we, as father and son, have nothing to talk about is the day I've failed as a parent.
  • Clark Kent: Newsflash. This just in. You did.
  • Jonathan Kent: You don't mean that.
  • Clark Kent: [sigh] I... I just need some space right now.
  • Jonathan Kent: Fine. You can have some time to process this while I come to you. Where are you, son?
  • Clark Kent: Opal City.
  • Jonathan Kent: [scoff] Opal City? You ran to Opal City? Already?
  • Clark Kent: I've been telling you... I'm fast! I can use these... these... abilities to help people!
  • Jonathan Kent: Maybe. Maybe, son, when you're ready-
  • Clark Kent: I am ready! I've been trying to tell you that!
  • Martha Kent: Jonathan! Let me talk to him!
  • Jonathan Kent: Hold on. One moment... Clark, I'm going to have you talk to your mother. Now, you listen to her.
  • Clark Kent: Yeah, okay...
  • Martha Kent: Clark Joseph Kent! You're in Opal City?! You get your butt back here right this instant or so help-
  • Clark Kent: [sigh] Okay! It's just... This is a lot to take in... [sigh, sob] I just don't know how to handle the news that I'm an alien!
  • Martha Kent: Clark Kent, you're not an alien.
  • Clark Kent: Dad said it himself... You guys found me in a spaceship. If I'm not an alien, what else am I?
  • Martha Kent: Dammit, Clark! It doesn't matter where you came from. You're our son! You're a Kent! You always have been!

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