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History (Submitted by Operator)

Duela Dent

Missing Data

Card Queen: 2013

Card Queen was among the Titans who responded to Star City for its demonic invasion. It was here that Duela and Emily Nashton had their first major falling out. Emily was convinced her father was not behind the Hell on Earth event and set out to prove it. Duela tried to stop her but Emily outsmarted Duela, leading Duela on a wild goose chase.

By the time Duela rejoined the other Titans to inform them of Emily's defecting, the Titans were in the thick of it and the ordeal with Emily took a backseat to the greater, more immediate threats.

Card Queen: 2013 - 2015

When the Hell on Earth matter was resolved, Card Queen chose to make that summer her last with the Titans. She dedicated her life to pursuing her missing friend. The evidence and intel suggested that Emily had gone rogue and become a criminal mastermind with her father, but Duela refused to believe that Emily would do that, not after she had been the one to convince Duela to leave that lifestyle.

For months, Duela interrogated criminals with any connection to the Riddler, all to no avail. The Riddler had chosen to lay low, and though Duela was good, she lacked the experience to outsmart a supposedly sane Edward Nygma. But that didn't stop her from trying.

After another couple months, Edward Nygma found Duela Dent. The man explained that he was in the midst of a long feud with Amanda Waller and he needed Duela's help. Duela had no interest in helping Nygma until she knew Emily was safe, but that's when Nygma told her that Waller had Emily captive and was torturing her to get to him.

Hearing that, Duela became the "Riddler's Daughter" - becoming his partner in crime to arrange an elaborate rescue operation that kicked off on New Year's Day, 2015.

Card Queen: 2015 - Present

Posing as an Arkham guard, Duela strolled into Arkham Asylum and slipped smartphones preloaded with Nygma's number and other details to Bane, Thomas Blake, Jervis Tetch, and Jade Nguyen. As she slipped the phone to them, Duela whispered "Mockingbird calls" - thereby hijacking four members of Waller's own Secret Six.

Using four notorious criminals, and combining them with Scandal Savage and Duela, Riddler had his own Secret Six which he had break out of Arkham and take Emily Nashton with them - who they were told was actually "Mockingbird" herself.

When Waller activated the Suicide Squad to take on the Secret Six, there was an uncomfortable stand-off (as many Sixers had been part of the Squad, and many of the Squad had been part of the Six). To break the stalemate, Riddler turned himself in and confessed to the "murder" of his daughter to give Emily a chance at a new life.

For a while, Duela worked with Emily as a member of the Secret Six but the covert operations of the Six didn't really fit with Duela's style so she bid farewell to her friend and began working solo in Gotham.

But once word got around that Card Queen was a free agent, it did not take long for Arsenal to show up and make her an offer.[1]

Supplemental Reports

Missing Data

Threat Assessment


  • Special Training: Duela is much more intelligent and capable than she ever lets on. She often will intentionally fail at various tasks for comedic effect and will only show you just how clever she can be when the timing's right.
    • Acrobatics: Duela is a world-class acrobat despite very little formal training. Dick Grayson thinks she could possibly be every bit as good as him if she ever stopped goofing off and focused on her training for a few weeks.
    • Brawling: Duela is an expert martial artist. Duela's fighting style incorporates movements which reflect those of a clown, mime, or vaudevillian comedy routine. Fans of Abbott and Costello or the Three Stooges will also recognize some of their classic moves.
    • Infiltration: Duela is a master of disguise, impersonation, and stealth. She has shown herself capable of breaking into secure locations like Arkham Asylum, ARGUS Headquarters, and even the Watchtower. The only thing that keeps her from being a true master is the fact she has a very bad compulsion to trip the alarm on her way out so she can smile for the camera.
    • Firearms: Duela is an exceptional markswoman. She carries a pair of gag guns which look like over-sized revolvers - similar to Hellequin's Last Laugh. These weapons are able to be loaded with special bullets which can fire different projectiles such as potent laughing gas pellets, an ultra sticky adhesive, or confetti. Of course, she also has a bullet that fires a flag which will unfurl in flight to reveal the word "Bang!"
    • Target Throwing: Duela can throw small handheld objects with incredible precision. True to her title as "Card Queen," Duela often carries some razor-edged, weighted playing cards to use as such weapons, often throwing them as a "warning shot" to draw attention to herself and give criminals one last chance to surrender or bolt. She also uses these cards to cut straps on duffel bags, weapons, or armor to disable combatants or hinder their escape. Since joining the Outsiders, Duela has also begun using these cards against hostile gunmen directly.
  • Gag Weapons: Duela employs spring-loaded shoes, a glue-spitting lapel flower, and other weaponry disguised as gags - very similar to what she used in her career with the Laugh Pack.
  • Unconventional Tactics: Even without her gags, Duela is a truly unpredictable and dangerous foe. Actually, stripped of her weapons and costume, Duela should be considered even more dangerous. In one instance when CRIME held her captive and stripped her of her gear, she still managed to escape. When the Outsiders found where she was being held, Duela was waiting for them in her birthday suit, playing a game of solitaire using a pile of eight dead terrorists as her table.


  • Mental Illness: Duela is, quite frankly, insane. Much like the Joker, Duela's madness evades clinical diagnosis and likely changes several times per day.


  • Physicality: 4 - Expert / Enhanced
  • Occult: 0 - Abysmal / Nonexistent
  • Weapons: 4 - Expert / Enhanced
  • Expertise: 2 - Basic / Typical
  • Range: 3 - Trained / Exceptional
  • Strategy: 5 - Master / Remarkable

Trivia and Notes


  • Card Queen has a Threat Assessment ranking of 42, marking her as an Low Threat.
  • Bianca Steeplechase is her archrival.[2]


  • Her skin color and hair are nods to her appearance in the Post-Crisis continuity.

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