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Dragan Nükaum

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Duke Nukem

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  • Herceg Dragan Nükaum is a Vlatavan aristocrat who had a long history of being a secret occultist. Not only did he support Werner Zytle's coup, but he also killed his own father so he could inherit his hereditary title as Herceg (Vlatavan equivalent of Duke) to help Zytle get enough votes in the Chamber of Lords to secure a coronation. In turn, when it was discovered Nükaum killed his father, a royal pardon was meant to clear him. But politics at the time complicated matters. A number of documents had been leaked by a hacker that showed proof Nükaum and the king's conspiracy. In order to quell concerns, the king stayed his hand from the pardon papers and Nükaum was promptly executed, but not before his conspirators in the Eurybian College of the Occult prepared a ritual to transfer his soul into a golem. The rage that consumed Nükaum upon his death rained his soul and that often bleeds into the environment with entropic influence.[1]


  • Duke Nukem is a character from the Captain Planet animated series.
  • In the original series Duke Nukem is a radioactive mutant who thrives on radiation and toxic waste materials. He's the only villain, aside from Zarm and Captain Pollution, to have powers of his own, in which he generates radiation to fire off radioactive blasts from his hands. He's also dangerously radioactive, though he appears to be able to contain this when operating with the other Eco-Villains.

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