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  • Dex is Power Girl's cat. She adopted the cat after it became a Lantern... She doesn't know he's a Lantern, he's just an angry cat that only seems to like her. Atrocitus sent Dex to gather intelligence on the Justice League, so Dex followed Power Girl home one day, showed up on her balcony (having hidden his ring inside a potted plant), and she took the cat in.[1]
  • Dex is fifth degree Red Lantern. One of Atrocitus' most skilled and capable Lanterns, trusted with the most important of missions.[2]
  • He might have caused the death of Stinky, Karen's previous cat.
  • He's being taken care of by Cissie King-Jones.[3]


  • Dex is a composite character with Stinky, Power Girl's pet cat in the comics.

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