Daxam was a planet in the Rao System (Sector 2813). Daxamites are a cousin sub-species of Kryptonians, originating from the former Kryptonian colony of Daxam. Daxamites are basically identical to Kryptonians in their structure and appearance, but their bio-cellular matrix is less potent due to having no need for such a sophisticated radiation countermeasure due to Daxam's less radioactive core.

Originally founded to be colony of religious extremists of the Church of Rao, tired of living under the Kryptonian Council's restrictions against their belief, the Daxamites became a xenophobic race. As a result, Daxamites traditionally avoided interaction with other races, including Kryptonians, except in cases where doing so would help to further their own goals, or secure the defense of their planet.

When Krypton was destroyed by Vril-Dox, the Daxamites attempted to flee their homeworld but only a small portion of their population was able to board ships and escape Brainiac's fleet. Those unfortunate to remain on the surface was subjected to fierce bombardment, the wrath of Doomsday, and exposure to biological and chemical weaponry. Daxam was turned into a wasteland and its people were forced to become a nomadic people living aboard their ships. Whenever the survivors attempted to settle, they found Brainiac was not far behind, causing them to constantly be on the move.

It is believed that the remaining Daxamites are now mostly found in three migrant fleets that roam the space guarded by the Lantern Corps, never straying too far from Rao out of their own religious constraints. They have adapted to life aboard their fleet and seem unwilling to colonize a new planet. Roughly a third of the Daxamite survivors did find a refuge in one being willing to offer them sanctuary and protection from Brainiac, thus forsaking their religion and instead pledging themselves in the service of Mongul and settling on Warworld.

Trivia and Notes


  • One known survivor of Daxam is Lar Gand aka Valor of the Advena Legion.
  • They hybrid species developed from the interspecies breeding of humans and Kryptonians, known as Homo Krypti, have a similar bio-cellular matrix to Daxamites once they reach adolescence.


  • Daxam's destruction following the destruction of Krypton and a Daxamite fleet are nods to Supergirl TV series.

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