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  • He gave his son Orion in exchange for Skophre, son of Izaya as a means of cementing a political truce that would assure both galactic empires could coexist for a significant amount of time.[1]
  • At one point familial ties put him and Steppenwolf at odds when Darkseid first came to power. Fearing that Steppenwolf might assert his own claim to the throne, Darkseid sent Steppenwolf far away to a remote planet on a scouting mission and there left Steppenwolf for several centuries. That planet was Earth. Steppenwolf brought his daughter as a way to curry favor with Darkseid.[2]
  • He is the "Exalted Monarch" prophesied by CRIME.
  • He has great interest in Earth and believes that humans have the the formula for Anti-Life Equation stored within their collective minds.[3]


  • His portrait is inspired by his appearance in the New Earth continuity.

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