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Dannyzens is a term to describe people who live on Danny the Street. They are all who were unfortunate and/or persecuted, and then found by the living street.

Dannyzens Symbol

Organ Disco DMV

If Peeping Tom's Perpetual Cabaret is the beating heart of Danny the Street then the Organ Disco DMV is Danny's brain and central nervous system. The DMV itself is a three-story blue building with a lightly raised basement that does not look out of place with Danny's main street aesthetic. It is located across the street from Danny village and Doom Manor's cul-de-sac.

The basement of the DMV is the station for the Fantabulosa Rozzers, the police force of Danny, headed up by Sheriff Bigby Wolf. The small station has a small lobby at the base of the stairs where Dannyzens are greeted by the dispatch officer on duty at their desk. Adjoined to the lobby are restrooms and a nook for a drinking fountain. Beyond the front desk are more desks, scattered about for the deputies on duty to use for interviews and paperwork. Off to the side of the bullpen is an interview room and break room. At the rear of the bullpen are two enclosed offices, one for the Sheriff and one for his chief investigator, between those two offices is a stairwell that leads to the subbasement where the armory, jail cells, and evidence room are found.

The first floor of the DMV is Danny's Donut and Latte Shop at the front. However, the little shop also serves as a waiting room for the small courtroom in the back courtroom where former mayor of Fabletown, Ol' King Cole, hears grievances and passes judgment. It is worth noting that Danny the Street does not usually add testimony to cases as Danny does not like to get involved whenever Dannyzens are squabbling with other Dannyzens. By the Fabletown charter, the mayor and deputy mayor are also able to pass judgment in court, but only if the judge is unavailable. Snow White has been known to use this loophole to supply Bigby with whatever warrants he needs while Cole is on lunch break or using the restroom.

The second floor of the DMV is Danny Hall. This is the mayor's office and where all other bureaucratic needs are met. Danny Hall is split into three sections: the mayoral office, the street clerk's office, and the records room. The mayor's office has a lobby, a conference room, a small office, and a large office. The lobby is where Dannyzens speak with either of the two assistants out front: Pinocchio and Beauty. The small office belongs to Snow White while the larger office belongs to Mayor Maura Lee Karupt. Though the large office is meant for the mayor, Mayor Karupt prefers to have meetings at the Cabaret or at their apartment, and thus the office is now used by Prince Charming for the street planning office.

The clerk's office and hall of records are much smaller sections of the second floor. The clerks office is where Dannyzens can go to file paperwork, pay fines, or make requests for expansion permits provided Danny has the ability to expand further. The street clerk is an elected position and is currently held by Bluebeard.

The top floor of the DMV is the mayor's private residence, though it is hardly private. Mayor Karupt is known to hold regular events and often conducts business on Danny's behalf around the clock. If you're a Dannyzen and you need to speak with the mayor, your best bet is to check the Cabaret which Maura oversees in addition to mayoral duties. If Maura is not there, check their residence next. If Maura is neither of those places, check the rest of Danny before checking the mayor's office since the last place Maura will be seen is the mayor's office.

In addition to its function, the DMV (which stands for "Danny's Mental Venue" by the way) also has some strange quirks. As it is Danny's brain for all intents and purposes, the same background song can play in long-lasting cycles if Danny gets a song stuck in his head. If one combs the hall of records, they're sure to find some embarrassing memories of Danny's in the form of paperwork or crude sketches of exaggeratedly muscular men in skimpy outfits (Danny was quite the hormonal teenage boy). The hallways tend to have a wet dog smell as the sprinklers are known to go off in very specific areas if Bigby should try to sneak in a smoke indoors. Finally, if Niles Caulder or other handicapped persons enter the building, the stairwell will seal itself up while it transforms into an elevator shaft.[1]

Perpetual Cabaret

The first building erected on Danny the Street was Peeping Tom's Perpetual Cabaret. From the outside is a blue and white theatre complete with marquee and a façade reminiscent of the "Main Street, USA" cinemas of yesteryear. The exterior walls of the front usually have flamboyant decorative posters of featured Dannyzens who have performed (or are planned to perform) inside the Perpetual Cabaret. Passing through the dual pink doors in the shade of the marquee, beyond the coat check foyer, you will find the heart of Danny the Street.

The interior is usually dim and hazy with a lingering smell of a dozen distinctly different perfumes and cologne. There is a small lobby but as you progress further, you find light blue tables and neon pink chairs, all positioned toward a stage at the back of the cabaret. Each table only seats two or three and are laid out in a crescent shape. Beyond those tables is a half-wall and a lowered floor where booths with pink upholstery and baby blue tabletops are found, each booth is an incomplete circle with its open end facing the stage. Beyond the booths, between that half-wall and the stage are a few more tables which can be easily withdrawn to make a dance floor surrounding the stage. The stage is mostly circular and black with a red marble inlay in the shape of a heart taking up most of its space. There are steps leading up to the stage from the dance floor. Behind the stage are heavy sequined curtains which can be withdrawn to reveal a projection screen or a static backdrop. The curtains also mask the entrance to the backstage area.

Near the entrance, adjacent to the lobby, is a small bar where patrons can order non-alcoholic drinks (Danny is a minor and refuses to provide alcohol). If one orders anything which would normally be alcoholic, such as a beer or wine, the staff will provide the nearest cheeky substitute (root beer in place of beer, grape juice for wine, etc.). The bottles which decorate the back wall of the bartending area might look like they have alcoholic drinks on shelf, but closer inspection will reveal they are actually absurd facsimiles (such as Shpak Danielle's instead of Jack Daniel's, Captain Marvel in place of Captain Morgan, Bat&Birdy in place of Bacardi, and so forth). Among Dannyzens who know better than to even try to order liquor, the most popular drink is "the Pelican" which is a fizzy white drink with a lemon wedge 'beak' - of course, Larry Trainor does not appreciate the joke made at his expense, but even he admits it's a damn tasty beverage.

On the other side of the lobby from the bar are the restrooms and stairs to the second floor balcony. The balcony has limited seating with views of the stage, but also has some booths without views of the stage which are popular among people who want to use the venue for private discussions. Mayor Karupt, who is also the caretaker of the cabaret, often handles street business in these booths. The staircase ascends to a third floor, but that space is roped off and leads to a locked door. The door, if opened, leads to a hallway with access to a roof access ladder, the projection room, and some overflow storage space. The backstage area has a dressing room, make-up, wardrobe storage, and three green rooms where performers can relax or prep. There is also a small refreshment space and a narrow hallway that leads to a locked door near the stairs and restroom to allow staff and performers to move between the front area and backstage without disrupting an ongoing performance. Peeping Tom's Perpetual Cabaret is a 24/7 operation on Danny the Street. It is the literal heart of Danny the Street. Danny is at his most powerful when the festivities in the cabaret are at their most lively and when the cabaret is quiet, Danny's power is at his weakest. If the cabaret is ever too quiet, for too long, Danny begins to suffer. Buildings begin to deteriorate and lose their color, plumping and heating fails, potholes dot the street, the sidewalks crack, the grass in Piccadilly Park turns brown, and if matters are particularly dire, rooms may even begin to shrink or buildings completely disappear.

To maintain Danny's current size requirements and daily relocation, the cabaret needs to have a steady stream of decent performances, three great performances, or one absolutely fantabulosa show - as Danny would say - every single day. What measures a performance's strength are three things: the performer's skill at their craft, the engagement of the audience, and some sort of transcending, ephemeral truth the performance brings out of the performer or is awoken in a member of the audience.

A good show has one of those things, a great show has two, but all it takes for a fantabulosa show is the revelation of a great truth. Nothing gets Danny going more than someone finally able to live their truth - it swells his heart - literally, and in kind, Danny celebrates this with glitterbombs, balloons, bubbles, and/or banners exclaiming his joy and congratulating someone on their revelation.

Though most performances in the cabaret are karaoke-style singing, the cabaret has comedy nights hosted by Terry None (particularly when Danny is feeling blue and needs a laugh) and has seen a lot of live performances, including once hosting the Hex Girls for a standing-room-only show. Other types of performances have used the cabaret as a venue as well. Mayor Maura Lee Karupt begins every new term with an inaugural address at the cabaret (though, while it begins as spoken word, it usually turns to song and dance by the end), the Chief has done some dramatic readings of classic literature on stage, Flex Mentallo has done some "Magic of Muscle Mystery" shows in the cabaret, Lotion the Cat has delivered philosophical self-help sessions on stage, and every third Saturday of the month, the cabaret is the site of a play put on by the "Farr-Out Players," almost always starring Rita Farr herself. The cabaret during its quiet hours when Danny is "asleep" is often when no music is played and patrons are allowed to bring their own booze from home to enjoy while they are treated to a show on the projection screen of abstract imagery or scenes of various Dannyzens interacting in any number of situations but often bizarre and nonsensical. These projections are the equivalent of Danny's dreams.[2]

Schooling on Danny

Due to Danny the Street's regular relocation, educating the impressionable young minds of the juvenile Dannyzens requires the services of Danny the Schoolhouse. Nestled between Danny's comics and Danny's Grocers is the quaint schoolhouse. It is here that an unconventional curriculum is taught by an eclectic faculty overseen by Headmaster Ichabod Crane.

Though some youth choose to attend classes in Gotham City or Coast City, commuting by way of Danny's back-alley wormholes, most Dannyzens send their children to Danny the Schoolhouse. The small size of the school does not usually interfere with its studies as it has a small student body and it has the resources of Danny the Street to utilize.

Recesses for the school are held across the street at Danny's Piccadilly Park or at Fit or Fat Gym in inclement weather. School lunches are available at any of Danny the Street's venues that serve food, but most children tend to eat at the Pink Boar's Burgers and Shakes or Udderly Delicious. Many older students are given half-day internships with various shopkeepers, the Rozzers, or at the Organ Disco DMV as a work release program.

Older children often help the faculty with the younger students and may be assigned as official mentors or teaching assistants. This may be a voluntary arrangement to lighten their class load or one made for disciplinary reasons. Mentors often become surrogate siblings to their younger pupils, often walking them to and from school, as well as helping them with their homework.

A good portion of Danny's current students are part of Steve Dayton's program. However, since Doom Patrol has integrated with Danny the Street, the majority of the program's classes are taught at Danny the Schoolhouse with additional classes taught after hours or on weekends at Doom Manor.

Danny the Schoolhouse also has preschool services.

Notable Students

  • The Wolf Pack - Blossom, Conner, Therese, Ambrose, Winter, Darien, and Ghost are the children of Bigby Wolf and his wife Snow White. They are an especially tight-knit group of siblings, especially for teenagers. They each have varying degrees of inherited powers enabling them to shapeshift into wolf form and control the wind and weather.
  • Dorothy Caulder - Adopted daughter of the Chief and Arani Desai. After an incident involving one of her "imaginary friends", Dorothy is usually home-schooled for most classes, but she still joins the children for recess and lunch. Her education at home is collectively seen to by Doom Patrol. Dorothy can often be seen around Danny, shadowing her assigned mentor for the day.
  • Holly Dayton - The daughter of Steve Dayton and Rita Farr, Holly is an all-around star student and the president of the student body. She is usually the one who brings Dorothy's homework to and from school, often spending an hour or so studying with Dorothy everyday. Though Holly looks to be about sixteen years old, she is actually nine, having been "born" as a fully formed girl roughly equivalent to a seven or eight year old girl.
  • Mikey Milk - Another child who looks much older than he truly is, Mikey is the son of a most unconventional birth. His mother, Terry None, was impregnated by a kiss from a milk-drunk Casey Brinke - another woman. An hour or so later, Mikey was born. Mikey is an incredibly powerful child who claims his powers are derived from his love of milk (and not from his parents' vorpal and chthonic heritage). When not at school, Mikey is often found at Udderly Delicious where he works as a dishwasher - something his parents forced him into as a punishment for all the pranks he tends to pull.
  • Shyleen Lao - Shy is a hotheaded tomboy. She tends to be a bit of a loner at school, getting along more with adults than her peers.
  • Mi-Sun Kwon - Mi-Sun is a girl with a gothic slant who spends most of her time in the company of Grunt, her gorilla best friend.
  • Rhea Jones - A smarty-pants who is good friends with Holly Dayton. Rhea likes to hang out with the girl members of the Wolf Pack.
  • Cynthia Lance - After meeting Cynthia for the first time, few would ever guess this energetic bubbly girl is the daughter of two of the world's deadliest assassins. Neglected in her youth, Cynthia is now the loving surrogate daughter of Sara Lance and Thea Queen. As a child with two mothers, Cynthia likes to hang out with Mikey Milk, having made him a project of hers - hoping her cheer and good nature will help counter his tricks and torments.[3]

Trivia and Notes


  • There are approximately 1404 Dannyzens.[4]


  • The term "Dannyzens" is from the Doom Patrol TV Series.
  • The amount of Dannyzens is a result of 27 multiplied by 52.

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