The Daily Planet is a newspaper company located in Metropolis.

In 1995 Perry White took the reins of the newspaper after previous editor-in-chief Franklin Stern retired. Two years later Perry was contacted by a man claiming to be Walter Kovacs, the former vigilante known as Rorschach. Rorschach was believed to have died in the intrinsic explosion of 1987 in New York as he had escaped from Sing Sing shortly before the explosion and had never been seen again. The masked man gave Perry his leather-bound journal with information about what really happened.

Report exposing "The Great Lie" was published shortly after the ten-year anniversary of the "Manhattaning", the story exposed Adrian Veidt as not only the mastermind of the plot to murder millions in some deluded attempt to stabilize world peace, but also the murderer of Edward Blake . The FBI tried to arrest Veidt as a result of White's article but Veidt proved he still had his edge, defeating the agents sent to arrest him and fleeing into obscurity.

When the police failed to apprehend Veidt, Americans began to call for the repeal of the Keene Act . There was a public outcry for a return of government-sanctioned vigilantes, with many people believing that the only people capable of bringing Veidt to justice were people who were as Veidt once was. When word broke of a vigilante in Gotham, Perry White sent his two most promising interns to investigate. Perry had hoped to capitalize on the public interest in such a figure, but while that story did give a small bump in sales, it would not be until a few months later that the Daily Planet would rocket to become the dominant paper in the country with its coverage of Superman.[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • Peery White won his fourth Pulitzer after writing a report on the leather-bound journal.
  • Employees are unaware Clark Kent is Superman.


  • Georgia Taylor is a gender swapped version of George Taylor.
  • Names of Bostwick, Briscoe, Hobb, Whit and Schuman are Earth-27 original.
  • In the Watchmen comic Rorschach's journal was sent to The New Frontiersman.

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