There exists a shadowy organization known as the Supernatural Handlers of Arcane Defense Executive (SHADE). This unit is a paramilitary organization in league with the United Nations, but nobody seems to know who they work for exactly, not even the team members themselves. It's highly suspected they work for ARGUS as they do have ARGUS security clearance and both an ARGUS liaison and a Dark Justice liaison to handle logistics and operational details, but they ultimately get their marching orders from a mysterious personage known as Father Time who speaks with them via an arcane communicator.

Rumor has it they were founded by the League of Nations in the early days of WWII to secretly combat the Nazi regime's interest in the occult and when the League of Nations went defunct, they were transitioned to the United Nations. Of course, that's just one story. There are others such as they were run by the mysterious organization known as Checkmate an operation compromised their ultra-black ops nature and they were given ARGUS clearance to cover Checkmate's involvement. Others suggest they were created by the American government and were part of the International Operations and were known as Team Six early on and were later a secretive part of Project Victory and the DEO until ARGUS somehow got hold of them (possibly Waller resurrected the team along with Task Force X?). Whatever the case, the team has been known to operate in some capacity for some time in every decade since the 1940s. It is possible they even pre-date the Second World War. Who is to say?

SHADE is deployed when there is an occult matter that needs resolving or there is a mundane matter that needs an occult solution. They operate out of a structure known as the Shadow Box which can appear and disappear in any flat, open space large enough to contain its 52' x 52' x 52' dimensions (it's actually much larger on the inside). All members can access the Shadow Box via their communicators operating as keys or simply by knocking and alerting the Box itself to their presence.

SHADE may be the group's official name, but since going semi-public, they are better known by their unofficial moniker of the "Creature Commandos."[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • Their research is handled by Project M.[2]
  • They were originally Team 6 and then were folded into Project Victory through shadowy bureaucratic channels. It is meant to be vague due to the aforementioned shadowy bureaucratic channels.[3]


  • This organization is a combination of Creature Commandos and SHADE. During the New 52 the Creature Commandos were agents of SHADE.
  • In the comics among its members are vampire Vincent Velcro and reanimated body Elliot "Patches" Taylor. They are replaced by Andrew Bennett and Frankenstein. They are led by Matthew Shrieve, but here he's replaced by Miranda Shrieve from Flashpoint.

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