The Court of Owls is a mysterious entity, which has long been considered nothing but a mere urban legend among Gothamites. However, a few years ago, Batman uncovered evidence that the Court did at one time exist when a masked assassin called Talon was discovered running through Gotham.

Once subdued, Talon was unmasked and identified to be William Cobb, a man who supposedly had died in the late 1800s (and who happens to be Dick Grayson's great, great grandfather).

Cobb was found to have been in stasis in an old bunker once belonging to the Court of Owls which housed a dozen such stasis chambers, all of which had become inoperable from neglect and thus only contained corpses. It was decided that the Court had fallen out of popularity as a niche secret society and thus lost the resources needed to maintain such a luxury as the stasis chambers (especially in the early 1900s). While questioning Cobb about the Court, Cobb was kept in Arkham Asylum's Black Wing but he has recently escaped.

While the Court appears to be defunct, their legend lives on. The mysterious Owlman who was a brief member of the Salvation Syndicate may be have been inspired by such tales of the Court when creating his persona. Others, such as Helena Bertinelli and Andrea Beaumont, insist that the Court of Owls continues to this day, thriving behind the scenes and fueled by the immense wealth of many of Gotham's oldest power families.[1]

Court's Power

  • Talons are the Court's assassins.
  • The Court has ties to the Tobacconists' Club.
  • Lincoln March is the Mayor of Gotham and has influence over the GCPD.
  • Amanda Waller is under Lincoln's control. She is in command of ARGUS, Spyral (which brainwashes heroes including Helena Bertinelli), Task Force X (ready to cover Spyral's failures) and the Phantasm (who trains the Terrible Trio).
  • Black Mask was seen attending a secret meeting, so he is under the Court's control.
  • Talon helped to stop the Terrible Trio when they threatened Penguin, Thorne and Duquesne's operation. The gun-running operation was Court of Owl's business.

Trivia and Notes


  • While Helena, Andrea and the Terrible Trio want to fight the Court, they might be under its control.
  • The Court is using electrum in the process of creating Talons.

Links and References

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