The Cosa Nostra is an Italian mafioso group that once ruled Gotham but much of their business was usurped by Roman Sionis in the wake of the arrests of Carmine Falcone and Sal Maroni. Defeated but not destroyed, the Italian mob remains a credible threat to Gotham's law and order. The gangs have become more united since the Masterminds have risen to power, its two remaining dons have joined forces in an attempt to hold onto some semblance of what they once had. They have, at this time, only solidified their control on Little Italy.

Carmine Falcone since his release from prison on a technicality, Carmine Falcone was restored to his former rank as head of the Gotham branch of the Cosa Nostra. Mostly confined to the East End district. Though they dabble in many illicit activities, prostitution and extortion are their bread and butter.

Sal Maroni was recently released from prison and has returned to working within the Cosa Nostra. Once a rival of Carmine Falcone, now Sal is content to work as his right-hand man and adviser. Their hatred for one another is nothing compared to their hatred for the Masterminds particularly Black Mask, Penguin, Joker, and Two-Face.[1]

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