Professor Pyg, which used to be short for Pygmalion but is now more aptly associated with swine. Pyg is a diabolical mad scientist who leads a group of criminals that celebrate their deformities and abnormal behavior. Under Pyg's protection and direction, these freakish felons abduct 'normies' for Pyg's cruel experiments, many of these resulting in the victim becoming a 'dollotron' or 'Pyg Doll' which involves having a doll face grafted over their own and usually accompanied with a lobotomy that turns the victim into a mindless drone for the Circus' devious desires.

Other members of the Circus include Mister Toad and Amygdala. Past members of the Circus have been Baby DollKiller Croc, and Phosphorus.

Rumor has it that Barton Mathis, aka: The Dollmaker, was once Pyg's disciple and/or partner but the two had a falling out when Pyg's madness drove him to attempt to perform one of his surgeries on Dollmaker's own daughter, resulting in Dollmaker cutting Pyg's face and fleeing.[1]

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