Circe: Prehistory - Present

Practically nothing is known of the Amazon knows as Circe’s childhood. The earliest accounting of Hippolyta states that she was an apprentice of magic who had studied at an academy of Atlantis (prior to its sinking) and either through family or circumstance, became affiliated with the rising empire of Amazonia. It was Circe who first informed Queen Hippolyta of the island that would one day serve as the home of all Amazons and for this, Hippolyta awarded Circe with a remote area of the island to continue her arcane research in private.

In the early days of Themyscira, it was Circe’s working that helped guide the island’s relocating, making her instrumental in drafting of the scattered Amazonian tribes. However, a schism developed between Circe and her queen as Hippolyta continued to push for more isolation from the realm of mortals. This interfered with Circe’s research as she had covertly been abducting test subjects from the mortal realm for her magical experiments.

When Hippolyta pressed the matter further, Circe retaliated by transforming the youngest of Hippolyta's daughter into a pig and placing her with the stock of creatures soon to be butchered for a royal feast. Fortunately for young Donna, Circe’s trickery was discovered by Hippolyta's other daughters and Circe was banished (because Hippolyta knew no prison would hold her) to the mortal realm and then used Circe’s own magical devices to place the island outside of Circe’s reach.

However, exile was little hindrance to Circe. She soon used her powers of seduction to usurp a kingdom on the island of Aeaea for a number of generations, terrorizing many of Greece’s mythic heroes and becoming a mythical figure in her own right, often exercising her trademark curses by transforming people into beasts (most often pigs).

Having survived throughout time by way of her Themysciran heritage and mystical practices, Circe has shed her mortal disguises as of late with the reappearance of Themyscira, intent on getting her revenge against the queen that had exiled her so many years ago. To this end, Circe often targets Hippolyta's daughters, namely Wonder Woman (Diana) and Darkstar (Donna).[1]

Threat Assessment


  • Grandmaster of Ancient Sorcery and Alchemy
  • Amazonian Physiology
  • Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Reflexes
  • Practically Immortal
  • Master of Disguise and Seduction
  • Thousand of Years of Experience

Trivia and Notes


  • Circe has a daughter with Ares, whose identity is yet to be revealed in E27.


  • Her portrait is a nod to her appearance in Wonder Woman Vol 3.
  • She used her alias Cassandra Colchis in the New Earth continuity, where she was a princess from a kingdom of Colchis.

Links and References

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