Church of Blood is a cult from Zandia. Its current leader is Sebastian Blood VIII, and before him his father and grandfather, Sebastian Blood VII and Sebastian Blood VI, respectively. Presumably other Sebastian I-V were leaders of the cult in the past.

The church ia divided into branches. One of them "Resurrection Crusade" is an intense, militant branch, which bans television and magazines. Crusaders put Gemma Masters into a trance and took her to marry "The Man", a pedophile and necromancer who intended to murder Gemma and add her ghost to his harem, but John Constantine and Zatanna were able to intervene. [1]

Trivia and Notes


  • Naamah gave birth to Sebastian Blood, the founder of the cult.
  • The Blood family banished Jordan Blood (uncle of the current leader) in the mid-eighties. Jordan brought his followers to Gotham and set up the Lux Beata cult ("Vision of Light" according to the cult's literature) which celebrated sin, destruction and mass death. The cult died in a mass suicide after Brainiac's invasion leaving only one survivor.[2]
  • Using the body of a willing cultist, Naamah seduced Tony Masters, an English initiate to the cult. Months later, Naamah's host gave birth to a daughter named Meg. Years later, a teenage Meg escaped from the cult. She made it as far as America, and there was found by Naamah whose smoky form immediately took Meg's body as her own.[3]


  • Naamah's former hosts are two members of the Church of Blood in the comics: Mother Mayhem (Anna Resik) and Mother Blood (Sonya Tarinka).

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