China White Triad is a criminal organization led by Chien Na Wei. It operates in Star City and Gotham.

In Gotham they are represented by Carlton Duquesne. Duquesne was a former low-level gangbanger from the Burnley Town Massive street gang who took advantage of the Triad looking for a foothold and had his crew side with the Triad, going against the wishes of the gangs higher up on the food chain. The gamble worked out in Duquesne's benefit as he survived the resulting turf war and married into the Triad, marrying the sister of Chien Na Wei, increasing his influence with the Triad tenfold. The two had a daughter and became wealthy and powerful, standing on the backs of the victims of their drug peddling and weapons deals. Since the death of his wife fifteen years ago, Duquesne has allied himself with the Penguin, acting as Penguin's chief weapons importer, and also is rumored to have ties to the Tobacconists' Club.[1]

Trivia and Notes


  • In Star City the Triad controls the Marquette and South Shore districts.

Links and References

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