Catherine Cobert: 1982 - Present

Catherine Cobert was born into the wealthy elite of France. Catherine’s father was a diplomat who disappeared under mysterious circumstances when Catherine was still a young girl. Her mother soon followed in her husband’s footsteps and got involved in French politics, becoming an outspoken activist for civil rights. As a teenager, Catherine was contacted by her father’s old friend, who also happened to be an attorney, and disclosed that before his disappearance, Catherine’s father had set up a substantial trust fund in Catherine’s name.

Using the funds her father had given her and making use of her mother’s political connections, Catherine attended several prestigious universities, explored the world when her studies allowed, and even became a celebrated fashion model just for fun. By the time Catherine was twenty-three, she was fluent in fifteen languages and had generated a number of contacts in the political and entertainment circles. After attaining her master’s degree, Catherine lived the life of a jet-setting model for a short time.

When the U.N. created A.R.G.U.S. and the new Justice League in 2009, Catherine quit modeling altogether. Due to a fascination with superheroes after having done a few photoshoots with the JLA and second generation of the Titans, Catherine applied for a position as a translator with the A.R.G.U.S. analytic division. Feeling that she was overqualified (due to a combination of her winning smile, silver tongue, and other facial features), Maxwell Lord instead hired her as the Justice League spokeswoman, much to the dissatisfaction of G. Gordon Godfrey (who was applying for the same job). He still can be heard complaining about that snuff on his ego-bloating talk show.

Although some Justice League members don’t care much for Catherine and others continually hit on her, most seem to agree that Catherine does her job well, keeping the media focused on the good they do and not on their mistakes here and there. Speaking of mistakes, I heard a rumor she may be in a relationship with Captain Atom. Her response? “No comment.”[1]

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  • Batman doesn't like Cobert. She is too political. Always hassling him to wear lighter colors and smile for the cameras.
  • Catherine Cobert and Alex Parker briefly had a fling before they stumbled upon Emily Parker half-naked in Alex’s apartment after heading back to his place for one of their steamy meetups. Nowadays, Agent Parker and Miss Cobert keep it strictly professional.

Links and References

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