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  • Carrie Kelley: Hi Gothamites! I'm Carrie. So, what is it that makes this city so special? I submit it's the caliber of people that dwell here. Obviously, I'm not referring to the criminals, the maniacs, and the many corrupted officials. No, I am talking about the heroes; masked men, women, boys, and girls who take to the streets to do that which needs to be done. Two weeks ago, I took to the streets myself. I was not armored or masked. I was not seeking justice. I had only a camera and my wits; I sought to capture one of these heroes in action. Instead, they found me. What follows is a Carrie Kelley exclusive interview with the masked heroes of Gotham known as Robin, the Boy Wonder; Batgirl; and the relatively unknown Spoiler.


  • Robin: I guess you would call me a sidekick. I don't care for the term. I prefer protégé. It sounds... cooler?

  • Batgirl: The thing that gets me is that people say the "Dynamic Duo" when there's more of us than that. I'm the third Batgirl. We're an institution, people.


  • Batgirl: We've been around... Almost since the beginning. Even when the Cataclysm was going on and there was no Batman to protect this city, there was still Batgirl!


  • Spoiler: Why'd I do this? Like originally? Well, I guess... Because I know people. Not good people... Bat people, in fact, very bad people. Seriously, like really, really, really bad people. And, uh, I knew that these bad people were going to do some very, uh, bad things... and I needed to stop them. And after I stopped them, I found that I liked this. Like, really liked putting on a costume and helping.

  • Robin: Batman needs Robin. I knew I had what it took to become what Batman... and what Gotham needed me to be. So I did.

  • Batgirl: [pause] ...I did things. Things I'm not proud of. Now, I do good things. I'm not saying anymore about that.

  • Robin: What would I like to tell Gotham about Robin? Uh, I did this of my own free will. Batman did not kidnap or brainwash me. I volunteered for this. That... and I'm not gay! Not that there's anything wrong with that... But seriously, I like girls. What's my type of girl? Oh, wow... I don't know that I've ever thought- I like eyes. A girl's got to have nice eyes. And movies, my type of girl needs to enjoy cinema. ...Are you doing okay?

  • Spoiler: I guess I would tell my fellow Gothamites that you, too, can make a difference. You don't need a mask and kick-ass name... Oh, sorry. Ahem. Kick-butt name. Keep an eye out for each other... and if you see something, say something! It's that simple. Call 9-1-1 and notify the GCPD. Simple.

  • Batgirl: Don't trust people. People are liars, cheats, and worse. Those closest to you, hurt you the most... so choose your friends carefully. That's it. That's all.

  • Spoiler: Wow. You're snoopy! No, I won't tell you who I am. Spoiler Alert. It's a secret identity for a reason. I'll tell you I'm a teen. No. I'm not an orphan. I have parents. Are they worried about me? It doesn't matter. This city needs me.

  • Tim Drake: The best part of this job? Wow... Uh... I guess the Batmobile. No, I don't get to drive it, but it's still pretty cool to just see it there, parked in the Batcave, ready to go at a moment's notice. Also, when you're in it... even in the passenger's seat, you feel a sense of purpose. You feel... ready to take on anything or anyone... and you look cool doing it.

  • Batgirl: This isn't a job. This is a lifestyle. A choice. A calling. This is my duty. I don't put this suit on to make a fashion statement. I do this to... be better.

  • Spoiler: Heck yes this is fun! It's the funnest thing ever! But... y'know, there are other perks. Well, off-the-record... between us girls: I keep doing this to... Robin? Robin, can you hear me? Okay, we're good... I do this to spend time with Robin. Y'know you'd do it, too. He's cute... even without the mask. Oh, yeah. I've seen him without it. We're dating, me and him. No, not just on patrol. We go to dinner and movies... Yes, just like the normal kids do. If I could have any super power what would it be? It's got to be super speed. Flash is the coolest.

  • Robin: I guess I would go with my boy Superboy and say I'd want to be invulnerable. Being bulletproof would just make my job so much easier. It's not even funny. It would also open up my wardrobe options. I'd love to fight crime in t-shirts and jeans.

  • Batgirl: Wishing for powers is pointless. But I will humor you. I wish I could fly. Flying would be fun... and practical. Gasoline costs too much.

  • Carrie Kelley: It was at this point that the three heroes heard a police siren in the distance, raised their special grapnel guns skyward in unison, and launched themselves away. Four blocks from where we were filming, those same heroes were seen foiling a police chase with four men who are known to work for the criminal Scarecrow. After the car chase was averted, I caught glimpses of them as I walked home... making certain that even a young high school freshmen got home safe and sound. This is a Carrie Kelley production. PS - I totally deserve an A for this one!

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